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Strix G17 (2023, G713PV) not waking up from sleep

Level 8


I have Strix G17 2023 with 7945HX and RTX 4060, that sometimes do not wakes from sleep: keyboard backlight keeps on, fans are working, but no image and laptop doesn't responds to any keystrokes, including power button This happens with every 2 of 10 or wake ups. The only way to make it work again, is to press power button for 5 sec to reset it. I tired losing my work and time doing it all the time.

I contacted ASUS support regarding this previously (Service No=E23100043544) - no luck. BIOS is updated to the latest one, also I tried countless AMD/NVIDIA driver versions. Tried to reinstall Windows - no luck. There is something wrong with firmware or existing drivers, probably NVIDIA. I contacted them either, and whey weren't able to identify the issue. I tested RAM, SSD, CPU, and GPU and they are fine.

Gladly asking for help.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @jestercore ,

I'd like to further clarify the scenario of being unable to wake up. Could you please specify how you're putting the laptop to sleep (closing the lid, letting it automatically go to sleep after a few minutes, etc.), and how long it stays in sleep before experiencing the issue of being unable to wake up?
Could you please record unable to wake up video and let us know the GPU and Fan mode settings in Armoury Crate when the problem occurs? Kindly provide the following information via private message., as it will assist us in further investigation:


  • Serial number:
  • BIOS version:
  • iGPU driver version:
  • dGPU driver version:
  • Windows build version (Settings - System - About):
  • Are there any external monitors/HUBs/DOCKs connected (please provide brand and model):


Please use the AsLogDumptool to record logs after the issue occurs and provide them to us. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Anbby, private message sent.

Will post these for other users just in case.

It mostly happens when laptop going to sleep after just being idle, with lid opened up, connected to charger. GPU mode is Ultimate (dGPU) as Radeon iGPU is too slow even for Windows UI, Fan mode is set to Performance. Laptop can be in sleep for minutes or for hours before falling in non-responsive state. I will send you a non-waking state video as soon as it happens again.

  • BIOS version: 329 (latest)
  • iGPU driver version: 24.3.1
  • dGPU driver version: 552.22
  • Windows build version (Settings - System - About): OS build 22631.3447
  • Are there any external monitors/HUBs/DOCKs connected (please provide brand and model): None, only 2.4G mouse receiver and wired Type-C headphones.


I am experiencing the same problems. I would like to know if there are any updates on the fixes. Thank you!

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Archi_gamer_ ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 7

I have the same problems with my Strix G17 2023

Level 12

This is a Microsoft issues for years even MS have no idea why it is happening you can submit a report with them they will ask for some log files.

I used to have HP laptop with i5 and RTX 3060, there were no issues like that. I don't think this is completely Windows related. Also desktop PCs rarely have similar issues. It's mostly about ASUS firmware or AMD+Nvidia combo.

Level 7

I had the same problem with my Strix G17 2023 with 7945HX and RTX 4080.
I updated every driver, bios, windows, ... and and the error still occurred.
I removed each device and tested it again and again, but it made no difference. The error occurred even without a single connected device.

The only workaround i found, was to downgrade NVIDIA drivers to version 536.45 (everything else is up-to-date).
Since then, two months ago, I have no longer had this problem, but I can no longer upgrade.

I use latest ASUS provided NVIDIA driver, and it is exactly 536.45, but I still have this issue.