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Strix 18 bios 317 came down from My Asus

Level 9

However there are no update notes in My Asus, anyone know what was fixed in this new bios?  I have been suffering multiple BSOD on mine since 313 and was hoping for some fixes.


Hi, I got Inaccessible Boot Device BSOD. During initial windows install I disabled WMD, because SSD (Samsung 980 pro) was not found during install. Seems that 317 bios changed VMD option back to enabled, disabling it resolved problem. 
I also have Kingston 5600 Mhz memory and it has been working @5600 since may I think.

I'd the same problem. Waited ~10min, LEDs blinking but no screen. Then i pressed PWR button for ~45s (G815IJ switched off and stayed off). No i pressed PWR button again and after a few seconds the ROG boot logo was there and laptop booted up fine.

I dont' know if its's the same with asus but some laptops do ec (=embedded controller) reset if power button is pressed long.

Level 10

they don't share the changes anywhere as far as i know 😕 i have the 317 installed and don't know what's changed

My system has been running without any BSOD so far even after reverting my ram and ssds.  Really curious on what has changed in bios 317.

After the bios update, my notebook also suffered the black screen no response and I went through reinstalling ram etc and got it into the memory training where just wait for 3 mins until it resumes the ROG logo then my notebook worked.

I've had the notebook for 1 week and been through this black screen twice for 2 bios updates.  Should I be expecting this kind of process following every bios update?

Level 8

I was on 314 (anyone know why it was retired from the website ?) and go for 317 with no problem (original ram so only 4800Mhz, no CPU undervolt during the update). Long long time before showing Rog logo after update.

I use EZ Flash for update.

All is OK.

In windows with XTU i can undervolt to -0,110v stable.