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Strix 18 bios 317 came down from My Asus

Level 9

However there are no update notes in My Asus, anyone know what was fixed in this new bios?  I have been suffering multiple BSOD on mine since 313 and was hoping for some fixes.


Level 8

That new 317 update just destroyed my laptop, now it's not working with kingston fury ram, i dont know what to do. On 314 all worked fine. Thx for update guys. I dont know, is there any way to rollback to 314? 

Same here. Any luck fixing it?

Yes. Actually booting a laptop with it's own RAM fixing a problem. In my case problem stayed because of the unplugged battery. Also, as far as I know for now, if i unplug the battery again in future, the problem will come back and it's will be necessary to repeat all the cycle with RAM again. Idk how to fix it without basic RAM.

Got it. Mine won't start even with stock RAM and battery plugged in. I emailed support.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Technetux ,


 I want to confirm if you are experiencing the booting issue after updating the BIOS. 
Since you have sought assistance from local service support, if the problem persists, you can PM me with detailed information, and I will help you investigate further. Thank you.

Everything was working fine before the update and the bios update even said it was successful.

Customer Service Agent

Due to many people discussing the occurrence of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issues after updating to BIOS version 317, 

I would like to gather some information from everyone. I will provide this feedback to the relevant team to assist in identifying the problem and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. Please kindly provide the following information:


  1. Model:
  2. Have you replaced any hardware components (RAM/SSD)? If yes, please provide the brand and model:
  3. Windows specifications (Settings > System > About, copy all information):
  4. Description of the BSOD occurrence (if possible, recording a video may help us identify the issue faster):

Thank you for your assistance.


Friendly reminder: 

Regarding the memory support specifications for G814, please refer to the official website for details:
16GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM x 2   Max Capacity:32GB  Support dual-channel memory


Hello, i have a question, is VMD has been change in bios 317 ? I disable it but i remember that after upgrading to 317 and load default settings, it was still disable.

If VMD has change from enable to disable since bios 317 BSOD are "normal"

Customer Service Agent

Summarizing the information discussed and the private messages I received:

Regarding the lively discussions on encountering BSOD or booting issues when upgrading BIOS version 317, there could be two possible reasons. For those facing similar problems, it is suggested to try the following two methods:


1.If you have installed potentially incompatible RAM, it is recommended to replace the memory with the original hardware and then perform a memory training test to check if the system can boot normally.
Regarding the memory support specifications for G814, please refer to the official website for details:
16GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM x 2 Max Capacity: 32GB Support dual-channel memory


2.If the update failed and caused the system to be unbootable, you can follow the link below to perform an EC reset, which will restore the laptop's hardware to default settings: