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SSD upgrade Zephyrus M16

Level 7

I am planning to add a second SSD to my ROG Zephyrus M16, probably a Samsung 980 Pro. I am assuming that the version with the heatsink will not fit well. My question is: did someone do it with another heatsink they can recommend?


Level 11

There really is not much room for a heat sink, the intended cooling is with a thermal pad that goes between the SSD and the bottom cover. You will find that the original SSD has a thermal pad on it, you will want one with similar thickness. I do not have a M16 so I cannot personally check the thickness.

Yes I may have to look just at a thermal pad, but I am also upgrading my work laptop and there is this one available for it:
I was just wondering if there is one similar compatible with my M16. Weird that I can't find any info anywhere. May be a sign that you a right.