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Spill mountain dew on keyboard

Level 7

Help!!!!!!! I spilled mountain dew by mistake on my Asus Scar g15 533QS mechanical keyboard. It was not too much. But area it was spilled have keys issues. Keyboard works fine but keys feel hard to press and feel like its stiffed. Tactical is not working on shift, tab, caps n esc. Any solutions please help


Level 7

Just an update that its a laptop asus rog steix scar g15 533qs which has mechanical keyboard

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Anmoltalwar09 ,


If your product has been exposed to water, please turn off the power  and remove the power cord at the same time. 
Wipe off any liquid on the surface of the product and keep it dry. 
To prevent sudden any malfunction potentially caused by oxidation and corrosion, it is recommended that you contact the local customer service center and arrange for inspection and repair. 
Please refer to the following website for customer service contact information,thank you*

Look up videos on youtube on how to clean sticky substances off keyboard switches using isopropyl alcohol.

Don't bother with Asus' customer service department because they're the worst customer service department in the tech industry and they'll charge you for the installation of a brand new keyboard and charge you outrageous amounts of money.

Just pay attention to the video and make sure you follow everything it says about powering down the machine and whatnot before doing it. I've done it several time for friends, not a big deal.