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Slow Write But Fast Read NVME Thunderbolt Enclosure On ROG Z13

Level 7
I recently bought an ORICO USB4 M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure  (support 40Gbps transfer rate) along with a 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro, and also 1TB Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink
I plugged them to my ASUS ROG Flow Z13 i9-12900H with its TB4 port with ORICO's provided thunderbolt cable.
I checked the speed with Crystaldisk mark 8, and it has a good read speeds (up to 3400 MB/s) while it has terrible write speed (500~ MB/s).
When I plugged it in to the USB 3.1 gen 2 Type C port (XGM usb C port) with the Same cable, the Write speed increases to a more acceptable 1000 MB/s as expected for the port's speed.
I Formatted both drives as exFAT, in diskmgmt.msc, and left everything else on default.
I was thinking that maybe the laptop TB4 driver is the one at fault here? Any advice is greatly appreciated.







Customer Service Agent

Hi @Xyphiliz ,

Have you updated your BIOS to the latest version 317? Please try removing the Intel(R) Chipset Software and then reinstalling Intel(R) Chipset Software Version V10.1.36.7 to see if the issue improves.
Additionally, please test with a different high-quality Thunderbolt cable or use the Thunderbolt interface on another computer to see if the problem persists. The information above is provided for your reference.

Note: Most Thunderbolt drivers are integrated into the Intel chipset driver.

Level 12

In my opinion, this is the fault of the disk enclosure, which cannot handle a fast drive. The Samsung 980 Pro has R-7000/W-5100 MBps parameters, and the case only has up to 40 Mbps.




Level 7

Thanks for the help guys. 


Problem solvedd

What i know the root problem is the compability of Samsung NVME + Windows 11 + and the usb 4 enclosure


Solution :

Go to device manager, and choose the external nvme drive.

Click properties

Go to policies.

Check the option for "Better performance" instead of "quick removal"

Then check enable wr ite cache


It gain usb4 / tb4 transfer rate which is 40Gbps