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slow restart windows 11 rog strix g18

Level 7

hi to all, i bought brand new gaming laptop  asus rog strix g18  (i7 rtx4070) and got windows 11 home edition with it, it takes about 30 seconds or more to boot, for restart even more...what could it be, is something in it's settings, bios or just ******ty windows 11?













Customer Service Agent

Hi @joskorog ,

There are several factors that can cause slow boot times. Please follow the instructions below to test if they can improve your boot speed. 
If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.


1.Too many startup programs: If there are too many software applications starting up when you boot your computer, it can cause longer boot times. Please check the list of applications that start up during boot and disable some of the applications that you don't frequently use.

2.Hardware issues: Some hardware problems can also slow down the boot speed. Please make sure you haven't replaced the hard drive or memory with non-original components. Test if the boot speed improves after reverting the hardware to the original factory configuration.

Hi, thnx for answer, didn’t replace any hardware!

it’s brand new laptop, slowly boots from 1st start, reinstalled windows but didn’t help.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @joskorog ,

Thank you for your response. 
I would like to confirm whether you have already updated your BIOS to the latest version, which is version 318?
Additionally, could you please let me know if you choose to restart or shut down the system from the power options before turning it back on?
If possible, could you also provide us with a video recording of your system boot-up process to further assess the startup time? Thank you.