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Short circuited rog flow x13

Level 7

Hi , i bought an rog flow x13 the ryzen 9 and 1650 qmax version about a year ago , i used it in college stuff and never used its full potential, 2 month ago i was surfing the web normally and suddenly the laptop shutdown  will on charger and battery percentage was 84, i tried rebooting but without any changes., the device didnt responce whatsoever even the charging lights didnt flash , i took it to a service center and they told me that there was a problem in the charging ic , so they replaced it and the laptop actually booted and looked fine , but here come the problem, the laptop showed that the battery is att 100 percent and charging but if i unplug it from the charger the laptop immediately shutdown, i checked the connections and everything seems fine , also there is another problem , whenever i boot up the laptop with the battery connected it takes a loooong time to boot and the ryzen 9 5900 hs only tops at 400 mhz and never goes up , ofcourse this makes window 11 feel like a calculator, but when i boot up the device without the battery it works fine reaching 4.5 ghz , i dont know if the battery is dead because of the short circuit or what is the problem , also the new battery isnt available in my whole continent so i would appreciate of u can provide a solution rather than buying a new one , if u reached here thanks for ur time 🤍


Customer Service Agent

Hi @RogUser-22 ,

You mentioned that you recently couldn't boot up and had to send your device for repair. Could you please provide your product serial number and RMA number via private message? I'll assist you in further identifying the issue with your product. Thank you.