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Screen Rubber Feet Replacement for 2022 ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503RM

Level 7

Hey everyone, I've been wondering where I could get the proper Ergolift feet replacements for my G15 that are under the screen. Sadly one of the feet came loose and my laptop is slightly unbalanced when opened. This is really unfortunate because the laptop has been pretty great so far and the missing ergolift is starting to become a nuisance and damaging to the back cover of the screen.

Advice is greatly appreciated!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @PlayeroftheAges ,

Based on your description, we recommend that you take your laptop to the local authorized service center for further assistance. Thank you. 

Understood. This may be a redundant question and is perhaps better asked to my local service center but do you believe I would be able to have this small issue fixed at one of the locations you linked? Just asking given the laptop itself is in fine working order and only the small rubber exterior piece needs replacement.

I appreciate the quick response to my inquiry.

And for general reference, this is the part I am inquiring about.

The piece in question for reference.The piece in question for reference.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @PlayeroftheAges ,

Thank you for providing the information. Since you mentioned a missing rubber causing damage to the screen cover, this particular issue needs to be assessed and evaluated by our repair center to determine the scope of the actual replacement. We hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you.