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Screen Flickering Between Wallpaper & Black screen

Level 7

ETA#4 - Welp. I had to resort to to forcing WinRe and when i tried uninstalling changes/ recent installed programs - it wouldn't do anything [ not like it was going to because it was a file i changed, not installed, and fixing the system wouldnt work either] , so i had to reset it, lost all my programs that didnt come with the laptop originally, so other then my files, all my programs and program files, are gone. It literally bricked itself last night, black screen with the wifi/accessibility/power options at the bottom right corner, sign in option wasn't even popping up. Safe mode wasn't doing anything, even when I used BIOS to force it into safeboot. Nada. But it's back on, files on my desktop are there, its not flashing anymore, it seems to be back to its somewhat-ok-self again. It's figuring out what life is still. I couldn't backup anything, but i have before, so i know i have a backup of the computer somewhere saved, like onedrive or dropbox or maybe even on my ssd not sure, but I had a huge world on minecraft that myself and others used to play on "back in the day" [like 20 people in 2015] that might be gone, which im a little devastated over. but other then that, everything seems to be alright now. 
My poor laptop is probably limping along on its last set of lives, idk maybe the program reset is what it needed to happen. Just happy to not be having the issue anymore.  

I was having issues updating my microsoft store, or my apps werent updating, kept telling me something went wrong, so i did what any tech savvy person would do, looked around on the web, and went into my system reg and changed some things around, and whatever else i did. Still didn't work, so ive left it alone.

Problem is, I never restarted it, so everything was working fine, why i never restarted, not a clue. But last night after I got home from work, everything was fine. I watched some videos, played some good ol' minecraft, after a bit, i was like, man i should do a scan, so i did a scan like normal, then was like hmm maybe i should do a restart/reboot since i hadnt in a bit.

Well, since doing that, the dang laptop keeps flickering between black screen and my wallpaper, its a setting i messed with i know it is, but i can hardly do anything on it to reverse it. I can open cmd and i can run BIOS, when i open task manager, all my desktop icons appear, but it still flickers. and its not the monitor itself, its the screen, when in bios or cmd is open, bios is fine, nothing happens in bios, when i have task manager or cmd open, its still flashing in the background, when i ran /scannow, not like it was gonna do anything anyways, in cmd it would stutter the typing and id have to reclick the cmd box per flash, but idk what to do. I have so much crap on this laptop, i've backed it up, but not recently. so id be pretty devastated if i lost everything. It's a pretty old laptop, its a ASUS ROG STRIX GL753VD. I've had it since maybe 2017, maybe 2018, i cant remember. It's a decent laptop still, Ive replaced the fan in it, i've added a SSD in it. runs great. Just this issue that is causing me a heck of a time. 

If someone can just give me instructions on things i can do i can figure it out, but i need suggestions and google isnt really telling me much of anything.

ETA: When on the lock screen, it doesnt do anything. Perfectly fine. 

ETA #2: So, I have chkdsk running, and chrome open, but again, its the background thats flashing, and not showing the icons periodically. I feel like I'm steps away from figuring this out. I knew I shouldn't of bothered with it, but I went ahead and done did it anyways. Lesson Learned. 
My chkdsk is currently at 2mil out of 2.2mil progression at stage 2 of examining file name linkage with 7 minutes left. Crossing my fingers. Will update this if i have figured it or dont, we'll see how it goes lol. Im too high for this ******. 

ETA#3 still no progress. actually feel like im regressing at this point. haaalp. 



Customer Service Agent

Hi @ninjetter420 ,

Based on your description, it's uncertain whether recent changes to the system registry are causing the screen to flicker between wallpaper and a black screen. If you recall specific changes made to registry settings, try restoring them to their state before the modification.

Please try testing with ASUS-verified versions of the nVidia display driver version V26.21.14.4193 and Intel display driver version V26.20.100.7325 to see if there is any improvement.

If the issue persists, we recommend backing up your important data and performing a system reinstall for further testing. This information is provided for your reference. Thank you.

I unfortunately couldn't do anything, and my dumby self couldn't remember what i went in and changed in the regedit. I know i had disabled or restarted something, but it was only to do with microsoft store, so the fact that it was doing all that, was so confusing cause microsoft store shouldnt effect the integrity of the system itself right?

It's hard to explain what it was doing, like it wasn't the monitor, it was the screen. Eventually, it was only booting to a black screen with the power/wifi/accessibility buttons at the bottom right, the sign in option wasn't even popping up anymore, just black screen with the buttons, so i couldn't even access anything to backup anything. I forced it into the WinRE eventually and tried uninstalling recent changes, or reverting the changes that i did, but nothing was working, it would just tell me, it didnt do anything.

So my last resort became the reset option. Which, it worked. Lost all my programs and some saved program files that i may or may not still have in the computer or saved elsewhere like onedrive possibly, but it essentially bricked itself. And who knows, maybe because microsoft store wouldn't update, maybe it needed a resetting to force update everything that it wouldnt before, cause its definitely updated now. But alas its back on, my icons are back on the desktop, its not flashing anymore, it seems to be running at a -ok- rate now. It's a little choppy since it's figuring out its life still. But yeah, it essentially bricked itself, safe mode wasn't even doing anything. 

Note to self - don't mess with stuff ya aint sure of or didnt do my research. or who knows, maybe it was like an actual issue in itself and what i did was what it needed to happen. Poor laptop, if it could talk, itd be swearing up a storm lol definitely on its last set of lives im sure of it lol.