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Scar 18 almost burned my hand.

Status Under Review

 I upgraded  from a G752VS, to a G834JZ (Asus Scar 18) and have this horrible problem..

I leave my Laptop next to me on the bed, ground or on a side table when I go to sleep. (No I'm not an idiot who lets the underside gets smothered, it sits on a cooling pad on a thin panel of ply creating a flat surface with plenty of airflow, more than a desk.)

I recently discovered, the only way to make the RGB turn OFF on the lid and around the sides is to close the lid AFTER waiting X minutes for the screen to turn off, because the RGB never turns off if you just close the lid right away.

This time I WAITED before closing the lid, so the annoying RGB would turn off.. but not only did the RGB turned off, I failed to notice my fans turned off too!! WHAT THE F...

My laptop, overnight, compared to every other night, was running like normal with the fans OFF.

When I opened the lid in the morning, I went to rest my palm down as usual when using WASD to type my password to login, and my hand was scalded because the whole interior had heated up to like 70+C

What the hell.. and WHY is this a problem which apparently exists since 2020?!

This Laptop feels like a potential fire hazard, which I feel I cannot leave to run idle like I've done with all my Laptops before it.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Darnassus ,

Thank you for contacting us. 
We apologize for hearing that your hand has been uncomfortable due to the high temperature of your laptop. May I ask if your hand is currently okay?
We value the issue you have raised, and in order to further assist you, we kindly ask you to provide us with relevant information. 
Since this information may include your personal information, we want to ensure the security of your information. 
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you.