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Scar 18 2023 poor quality and after sales services.

Level 7

20 hours ago

I have brought my ASUS ROG SCAR 18 2023 MODEL with core i9 13980hx, rtx 4090, 2tb ssd and 32 gb ram. I brought it last december 15, 2023 and registered my product at december 16, 2023. I have complaints for the quality of the laptop regarding on the screen bleedings, very hot temperature, loud whinning of coils fans and the removing of pain at the exterior!
I showed my laptop in the service center here in kuwait and the technical person is always discouraging me! He saying these are all my fault! What?? Do ASUS have this kind of unprofessional employee? It is obvious it is not my mistake and factory defect? What happened to the QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT AND SUPPORT SERVICE? THE OUTRIGHT WARRANTY??? COME ON ASUS! THERE ARE TOO MANY COMPLAINTS OF SCAR 18 AND G18 ON REDDIT AND REVIEWS! WHY LIKE THIS??? I am a member since 2014 and I do not have any problems in my zenfones and even my GPU from my desktop! But this??? I hope ASUS will do something about these issues and I want my laptop to be replaced! Poor Quality and service here in Kuwait!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @franz0719 ,

Could you please provide your product serial number and maintenance number through private message for further verification of your case? Thank you.

Thank you. I have received a call from Mr. Bryan from Asus Dubai. He listened to me and I appreciate your customer service in Dubai. Very accommodating and professional unlike here in Kuwait. Your customer service team here sucks big time. Your customer services here are rude and arrogant. I don't know what trainings they have here in Kuwait from a well knows worldwide company like Asus. I hope they will replace my unit with new one and will give all the accessories and bring me the new unit. Thanks!