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ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) freezes on startup

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Help please.

I have just purchased the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) and after a week or so started to freeze on Windows startup and a couple of times on shout down. All drivers were updated and also ran hardware checks as well as a memory diagnostic check. No problem here. The notebook works fine when it gets through the initial startup and can work on it for hours with  no problems.

Has anybody an idea on what it could be?

Many thanks!!!

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Just like ARC 7 posted it’s how ASUS, Nvidia, and Windows use the graphic driver to render the OS interface. He had erased and reinstalled windows. Not sure if he reinstalled ASUS driver, but we concluded that it’s how the driver draws the screen and interface. In short, mine is working again after uninstalling NVIDIA graphic driver completely with DDU. Reboot. Then install the latest NVIDIA drivers. I’m at least able to play my games without issue. But it is less frequent than before, it still freezes 1 out of 10-12 bootups. But it works. freezes now with opening any ASUS apps like armor crates or fanxpert. 

So do u think its related to armory crate or something?

Before I came here, I formatted drive and reinstalled the operating system, I did not update the driver, but when it happened again, I decided to search on the internet and I ended up here. I saw that it was a problem that everyone had. In this case, since the same part of all of us cannot be damaged, I have concluded that there is no hardware problem.

Please release a nice update, asus, don't make us sad any more.

I think it’s definitely software related but I don’t know whether it’s related to Armory Crate or the Asus apps. I never had any issues with those on my previous Duo 15 which ran perfectly for two years until I decided to upgrade. 
I couldn’t use my laptop at all yesterday because every time I turned it on it froze and holding the power button to turn it off and then back on didn’t work because it just froze again. I tried it about 20 times and just couldn’t get it to work so it looks like mine is completely screwed now. 😞

I also have the same issue almost every day when I start it I payed 5000euro cash and have to sit here having to restart it sometimes twice because it freezes I’m really thinking about getting my money back eventho I really fell in love with it and already got used to it but having a job where I rely on my laptop every time I’m at a customer with a laptop that freezes twice in his face is embarrassing and makes me not tell the price that I payd 

I agree, the hardware itself is great but this software issue is really letting it down and is so frustrating. I only game on my device but if you need to use it for work then it is even more crucial that this is fixed! 

Level 9

Just checking - but has everyone that experiences this issue submitted a support request? Not sure if Asus tech support reads these forums

Oh, no i didint. how can i do that? From my AsuFs?

By the way i think it"s something about after logging in windows. if i dont login and stay on login menu its not freezing. Looks like something loading on startup causing this.

And not sure but if i give a time like 45 seconds and login, i think its fine, not freezing. Can anyone confirm this on their zd16?

Just login to your asus account and start a support email. Explain the issue and refer to this topic. That way you have a reference number for further support as well...

A few minutes ago, I contacted technical service via myasus. I shared the link of this forum topic and said I have the same problem. They asked for bios version, driver updates. I have proven that they are all up to date. When I asked if the system was malfunctioning when it was made diognastic, I said that I tried that too and there was no problem. Then there was nothing left to do, we had to send it for repair, and when I said it, I got mad. I said there is no hardware failure, I said that I could not repair my newly bought 4400 dollar laptop for nothing, and they had to solve it with a new update. I said because if we wait for hours on the login screen, nothing happens, it only happens when something loads within the first 10 seconds of login. I looked, he still wants to examine the device, I said I don't have it, I don't give it. I'll wait for a while and see if it's still going on, I guess I'll be on my way sometime, I'm not in a hurry.

Now I will delete the video card drivers with ddud and install the new one. Which version would you recommend I download?

I am not very technically minded but all I can really suggest is installing the Nvidia driver that seemed to work on the Scar 16. (528.66) Anything later than this one doesn’t seem compatible with the Asus firmware. This was something that users had to work out for themselves from what I was reading as they got no support from Asus. Obviously this is a case of trying it and seeing if it works.