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ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) freezes on startup

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Help please.

I have just purchased the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) and after a week or so started to freeze on Windows startup and a couple of times on shout down. All drivers were updated and also ran hardware checks as well as a memory diagnostic check. No problem here. The notebook works fine when it gets through the initial startup and can work on it for hours with  no problems.

Has anybody an idea on what it could be?

Many thanks!!!

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Well, got rid of the Adrenalin software through the described method. Happy I had my BreakGlass account cause I had exactly the same trouble when booting to safe mode as I mentioned 2 replies ago.

System back to stable. No flickering either. However, it does often not wake up from  me putting it to sleep manually (through the Windows shutdown menu). Unplugging/replugging power doesn't help. Have to hold the power button for 3 seconds or so and do a cold boot. Not a big drama but would love to not have it do that. Have tried witf fast boot on/off and ASUS ERP in BIOS turned on/off. I didn't see the relevance of the latter, but I'm just trying anything I come across...

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Finally, with the latest driver update, all the problems with the system and keyboard freezing and screen flickering have disappeared, and I hope that this is forever. I even reinstalled Windows completely to clean up the system in order to clean up the system from garbage and install the latest versions of all drivers.

So far, everything is fine, but yes - the first experience with ASUS ROG laptops disappointed me very much even before buying it... The first thing I came across was the stupidity and unskilled customer support, which cannot even give an answer to an elementary question regarding the size of a laptop. The second is, of course, the laptop problems described above - it's terrible that the support sent everyone to the same place for any questions - to useless technical support, which, according to other residents of this topic, did not bring any benefit.

Although this experience of interacting with this laptop model turned out to be not ideal, but the device impresses with the presence of a second display, which is very useful and necessary for me as a programmer, even despite the additional external monitors connected.

Is this still holding true?

It does for me. Since the new driver, I've not had system freezes nor flickering screens.

I now have the second screen not turning on, but hey, what would life be without a new challenge every other day? 😉

Ah, that's a bummer that the second screen is still giving issues. I was hoping that I could just buy one and have a working product. Can anyone else vouch?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @AveryMeijer ,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your second monitor. Since this thread is discussing a freezing issue during startup, to ensure your concern isn't overlooked, could you kindly create a new thread and provide details about the specific situation you're facing? This will help us better understand your issue and assist you further. Thank you for your understanding.



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Mate, don't despair. It's a great machine, truly. *not sponsored by the way* 😂

Honestly, I'm a tinkerer and I run a Windows Insider build on the Dev channel. I f*ck around with LLMs and all their dependencies etc... I might just reinstall Windows. Again. Doesn't bother me that much.

I need it for school and work so I just need something that doesn't ****** itself every 2 hours lol.

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Should I download the update now?
Version V31.0.14038.6002
now i have 

Version V31.0.14001.46001

i have screen flickering 🙂

Issues with screen flicker resolved here, after installing these drivers!