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ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) freezes on startup

Level 9

Help please.

I have just purchased the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) and after a week or so started to freeze on Windows startup and a couple of times on shout down. All drivers were updated and also ran hardware checks as well as a memory diagnostic check. No problem here. The notebook works fine when it gets through the initial startup and can work on it for hours with  no problems.

Has anybody an idea on what it could be?

Many thanks!!!

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Tried these nvidia drivers from ASUS support drivers page for the version you mentioned and did not fully fix it. However, I did a clean removal with DDU (display driver uninstalled) and removed only the Nvidia drivers. It reboots itself and reinstall the new nvidia drivers 535.98. Reboot again and so far been playing all my games fine. Diablo IV from battle net. Destiny 2 off steam. Black Desert Online off steam. And Ghost Recon Breakpoint from Ubisoft platform. All working fine today. I’ll keep you all posted tomorrow as I leave BDO running AFK. 

Level 10

Looked promising yesterday as I restarted it twice and it didn’t freeze but I’ve turned it on this morning and it’s frozen twice before I managed to get it started so sadly didn’t fix mine.

Check GPU-Z, Windows might have overwritten the drivers. 

Level 7

I can also confirm this issues of random freezing when starting or logging into windows. Only way to correct is by holding power button until it powers off and turning it back on again. My model is the GX650PY-XS97. I have all the latest updates and latest bios update hoping there will be a fix for this random freeze. There is no BSOD or nothing just simply locks up solid until reset.

Yep, it is very frustrating…I am getting tired of waiting for a proper fix for this. I sold the 2021 version of this laptop to upgrade to this and I deeply regret that decision. 😞

Hello guys, i just arrived too 🙂

I’ve bought Zephyrus Duo 16 (4090) from Newyork city a couple days ago and moved homeland back (istanbul) I think I’mstuck with an overpriced broken computer here.

Completely same issues i get. Sometimes its freezes right away from logging in. Sometimes gives blue screen and restards. What do we do now ?

Sorry to hear that you’re getting issues as well. I’ve tried going back to an older driver which was suggested by another user here but that wasn’t successful for me and would only be a temporary fix anyway. Other than that, we are kind of at the mercy of Asus finding a permanent fix. It doesn’t seem like it’s worthwhile sending your device in for repair as some other users have done that and have been told that the repair centres couldn’t find any issues. You should contact @Anbby_ROG to add your name to the growing list of users with this issue. Other than that, there’s not much else we can do which is frustrating.

I also feel it is important to share this issue as well so I have today submitted a review to the retailer where I purchased my device informing potential customers of this issue and stating that I would not recommend this product at this time.

Waiting for 2 years and paying 4400$ can only be a nightmare to realize that the product you bought is broken after 2 days. What do you mean we are at the mercy of Asus? I have projects with serious deadlines, when I bought this, I sold my old laptop. I can't let a ridiculous technical service boy in the 3rd world country I live in and rape it just to satisfy his curiosity.

Honestly, I'm going to wait patiently and wait for Asus to find a solution within a week, rather than slamming the product on the market yet. Because I really want Asus and this series to be successful because they showed the necessary courage and released such a product to our world. But if they are going to leave the users of their most prestigious products so helpless, they know.

Dear Asus, please hear our voice, so that we don't lose our taste.

Level 9

Well, same here... Brand new device, paid top $$$$ only to be frustrated by what is seemingly a small issue. But a small issue that happens everyday on a machine that costs this much? Unacceptable...

Actually i assume many zephyrus duo 16 owners have the same problem but didn't post here. I wasn't going to write it either, but I wanted it to show how much we’r crowded so that we could draw attention. Do you think it could be a problem with software like armory crate, screenxpert or amd adrenaline? Have we ever removed them and tried it that way?