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ROG Zephyrus - Color changing inside apps

Level 7

Hi there ! I recently bought this new Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 and Im having some issues with the colors.

Im a designer and I believe gamer notebooks are usually the best for the kind of work I do, but I am starting to get really upset with this one. The colors look great in the desktop and any asus app related, but as soon as I open any other browser or app it changes. It appears like it has a layer on top of it, making the colors look awful and desaturated. 

I really need to fix this in order to keep working in the Adobe suite programes with the real colors. Its not a screen problem bc the colors looks great in Images from the gallery or the app Icons in the taskbar. I believe it might have something to do with the setup maybe ? or something related to an eyecare system ? I dont know. 

Any help is welcomed ! Thanks in advance.

#rog #Zephyrus #colors 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @catamattana ,

Could you please let us know the laptop model and the current versions of BIOS, display driver, and ASUS System Control Interface v3? 
Additionally, could you provide comparison photos of the color issues for further verification? Thank you.

Level 7

I would agree as well because I see the color saturation, hue, or whatever the display is set at, change when I switch app from full screen gaming to a windows browser. I even seeing these changes between streaming and pausing the video. 

I have the lastest drivers for GU605MI.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @catamattana  @leth01 ,

Please try updating the ASUS System Control Interface to version 3.1.31 and test if the issue improves. If you encounter any further problems after the update, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.