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ROG Zenphyrus G14 GA402RJ (2022) internal display not working

Level 7

I have a problem with my g14 (2022) internal display (main screen), the screen suddenly stopped working while playing a game and now it won't display anything unless I attach an external monitor. I tried to check the internal display on the device manager but it only shows the external display I'm currently using. Anybody had the same issue like this one? I also tried to reinstall windows and everything but it still doesn't work


Level 7

I had the same issue, but with my ROG STRIX G531gt. My screen didn't completely stop working, it just flickered a lot and everything was black except 1 line at the top of the screen(which constantly flickered). I managed to find a temporary solution by following these 2 steps:
1) Connected the laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable
2) Lowered the refresh rate to 48hz
This enabled the screen to work without the HDMI cable attached, and if it ever goes back to flickering(happens usually during power cuts/low voltage), I just repeat these steps and it works again. All the people I have talked to say that the screen is faulty and only a replacement can fix this issue, including the guy at the asus service center near me.
Hope this helps!

Level 7

I have a similar issue that I just posted about. The screen is occasionally black -- though I can get it to turn on after a couple reboots. You've probably already done this, but have you tried unplugging the charger then holding the power button for 40 sec?

In my case the screen will come back on sometimes if I tilt it (but I need to reboot in order to make it stay on consistently). I assume the screen is wearing out which SUCKS considering the computer is less than 2 yrs old.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @khayk ,

Since you have reinstalled the system and the issue still persists, I'd like to confirm if the main screen displays in the BIOS interface. If it still does not display, I recommend taking your laptop to a local service center for hardware diagnostics to identify the issue. Thank you.