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ROG Strix Scar laptop randomly crashes and restarts

Level 8

Hello. On June 2023 I’ve bought Scar 17 laptop Ryzen 7945HX RTX 4080, model G733PZ-LL023X, S/N R2NRK. While I was playing games (RDR2, Hell let loose, Cyberpunk e.t.c.), surfing web, typing, watching YouTube, laptop crashed and restarted once or twice during session. For two months I’ve tried to solve the problem by myself by following Asus manual and troubleshooting guide, changed the peripherals, mice’s, headsets, removed dongle's, none of it helped. On August I’ve handed laptop to authorized service center, where they refreshed thermal paste and Liquid Metal in cooling system.  But the problem persisted. Some time later I’ve decided to handle the laptop to another authorized SC, the guy told me that motherboard needs to be replaced. And after that there was a long period (over a month) of waiting for that spare motherboard to arrive. 
When it finally came, the guy at SC put a thermal paste instead of Liquid Metal for CPU and GPU cooling and assured me that thermal paste is way better. Then with a replaced motherboard laptop crashed more frequently, idle temperature of CPU was 94 Celsius.

So I’ve handed that laptop to more competent SC (the one that I’ve addressed first). After conducting tests they succeeded in recreating the crash problem, they said that they are going to replace the motherboard and cooling system again. This time motherboard arrived within 2-3 weeks, but spare cooling system arrived damaged, so they requested for the new one. In total that laptop was in service centers for about 70-80 days.
Well after another month of waiting I was happy to finally have my laptop back ….. 

And guess what? It’s still crashing and restarting. I’m having it for four days now, and for three consecutive days it crashed once per gaming session in Hell let loose. In view of a fact that motherboard was replaced twice, I may suggest that the problem may be in RAM or display connector that causes a malfunction. But I’m just tired to go through all of the procedures again.
Well I must say that this cursed machine costed me a lot of … well putting it delicately emotional welfare))) 

So dear ASUS support could you please kindly help me for this laptop to be generally accepted as a fact of spoilage production, so I could return it to the seller and get a refund. 


Customer Service Agent

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

We have further checked your case with the local service team. As your message contains your personal information (SN), in order to prevent the misuse of your personal data, I will assist you in removing the personal information. Thank you.

Personal data, really?

And what about the issue of faulty hardware and bungling ASUS services?

Hello. I’ve handed the laptop to service center again on 23 of January. 
Could you please kindly answer my question about returning the laptop and getting a refund 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @KossanovA ,

I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Hello. As I previously mentioned in my post, when I bought the laptop and it began crashing and restarting I strictly followed Asus instructions and troubleshooting guides. For two months I’ve tried to solve that problem. And first thing I did I removed the additional ssd, it didn’t help. I’ve switched the peripherals such as headset, mouse (first I was using ps5 pulse 3d headset, switched it to hyper X wired, I’ve tried to use three different mice’s Logitech, Razer, MSI). I’ve tried using external display, I’ve tried using desktop keyboard, none of it worked.

So please trust me that the problem isn’t with ssd.

For all this time that my laptop is in service center (80-90 days in total) I am not able not only to play my games but also it affects that I can’t properly work and I’m forced to ask my relatives, my friends to borrow me their laptops and computers, I even had to rent the laptop for some time and pay for it.

Dear Asus support please meet me halfway, take back that laptop according to your procedures and let me get a refund, after that your engineers may do all the testing they want to find the root cause of this problem.