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ROG Strix Scar 16 2023 second issue. Crashes for no reason after some time

Level 9

So apart from the driver and dGPU and iGPU issue mentioned below new issue now is that even if I’m downloading games in steam or even if system is just lying there doing nothing (I have disabled sleep or hibernate) and if I leave the laptop running and come back after an hour or two, it’s crashed completely. No intensive tasks are being done just plain downloading a game or even sometimes nothing at all. 

this company only makes lemons it seems. Can someone from Asus support provide some valuable insight into this please. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @zkalra ,

We tested the G634JY with the NVIDIA531.61 version driver, set the ultimate mode in Armory Crate, and turned on the HDR function for testing. We did not find any black screen or system crash issues. 
Additionally, we used Steam to download the NBA 2K23 game for more than two hours and found no other abnormalities. 
We suggest that you send your computer to our local repair center for further inspection. 
Please feel free to PM me if you have any other concerns.Thank you

This is quite strange as i went to the lcoal ASUS store and the demo unit there had exact same issue.  So thats now three laptops with exact same issue.  May i request that you share a video of it working at your end via PM to me?