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ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023) huge issues after driver update

Level 9

So I just bought this laptop. First day of having it I haven't really had any issues. Now whenever I plug in the power to the laptop, or try booting the laptop with power plugged in, I just have a black screen. The keyboard is still lit up, caps lock light doesn't come on, and I still see the bios image when booting up. I assume that the system is having an issue switching to and/or using the dGPU, but uses the iGPU with no issues. 

This has happed after I moved to the latest 531 NVidia driver.  it is linked to the driver and some issue with the iGPU and dGPU setup as when I return to the original driver that is on the website and the laptop shipped with, the issues is gone. 

Another workaround is to choose standard GPU mode in Armory crate and then in NVidia CP choose NVidia GPU only.  Then the new driver works without crashing however HDR becomes unavailable and when forcing it on it crashes.


This is absurd as I'm stuck between using HDR (main purpose of buying this laptop with the Mini LED) or updating my drivers.


ASUS kindly start addressing concerns with your flagship  products.


Someone has posted a video. I also shared a video with you. Now there are around 10-15 people on this very forum that have had issues let Asus continues to remain in denial. How is it that every laptop user has the issue except when you guys do your testing? And BTW this issue is also on the zephyrus duo 16. 

Anbby_ROG  , I'm not sure what the video would do but suck away hours of my life that I have to fight to get in the first place. I took the time I had to write a detailed description of the issue and its causes and when. I have tried bios 307 with all versions of nvidia drivers starting at your approved one and going upwards to every valid release and same issue, same with bios 308 and 309. Issue persists in all. This is time consuming and I again didn't spend 3k on a machine to beta test your software for you. Grab a unit off the shelves and take a look, It will do it as well. If I need to go further and speak with some of the known tech people that have already reviewed this unit and ask them to check theirs that they received then I can go ahead and try my luck with that. Most tech news/reviewers love to explore content and this seems to be widespread on this unit so ... whatever. I'm asking if anyone on this forum has a fix or another valid point of view of what it could be to please let me know. 

The sheer insolence on display by Asus is downright bizarre and definitely not commensurate with a company that cares about its customers. Why should we make videos for you? I sent you one in DM two weeks ago. Now the gentleman above has sent you such a detailed report. Your team isn’t able to recreate an issue that is clearly plaguing every single model of yours with these graphics cards. Why don’t you guys accept and fix this? I’m truly sick of this customer I fried lt behaviour. 

I can provide a video this is the same problem I have also! 

Level 8

In my situation HDR on or Off not Resolve The problem 😞 od i switch to dGpu mode then restart system. I see startup logo rog and i hear sound of Windows startup and Please for login but display is black. I have newset driver of nvidia 😞 my gpu is 4090

Pershingo , for me I ended up having to do a hard reboot buy doing a long press of the power button while the unit was unplugged then revert the nvidia driver to the older one you can download from asus's website . file listed as Graphic_DCH_ROG_NVIDIA_Z_V31.0.15.2866_33377 . once you have that it should fix the issue. if not then you perhaps have another issue that needs to be checked. 


I've tried all of the new nvidia drivers with all versions available for this laptop of asus's bios and none give me good results


Customer Service Agent

Hi @pershingo ,Thanks for your feedback. 
We are actively working to address the issue of black screen caused by driver versions, but it's possible that some operational steps may have been overlooked, resulting in the issue persisting. 
Would you be willing to provide us with a video of the steps you performed, as well as the BIOS version and NVIDIA driver version you are using?
After receiving your information, we will promptly provide it to the relevant team for further investigation of this issue. Thank you.

Hi @Anbby_ROG 

nvidia driver version: 531.79
Bios version: 309
Laptop Version: Model: G643JY Name:
ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 i9-13980HX/32GB/2TB RTX4090 240Hz Win11Pro.

After changing the drivers to those from February 2023 from the asus website (Version V31.0.15.2866), everything works fine, but the nvidi driver is screaming that the drivers for 4090 are outdated and you need to install the latest ones.

When the drivers are updated to the latest, the problem occurs:

I turn on HDR, reboot the system and everything works fine.

I enable the ultimate option in Armory Crate so that v-mux will only switch to nvidia graphics, reboots the system. The red ROG logo appears and then the screen goes black. In the background, I hear the sound of windows prompting me to log in, but the screen stays black.

I hard reboot the computer, enter the bios, switch the graphics from dGPU to Dynamic, save the settings and everything works.

Apparently enabling HDR + dGPU at the same time causes a black screen error. The problem disappears with the drivers from the Asus website, but these are so old that the latest games have a problem with the driver.

I bought a computer for over $ 5,000 (PLN 22,000) so maybe you can do something about it because not only one person has a problem with it. For that kind of money, service should be instant!

Very well put. @Anbby_ROG i hope now with so many people citing the problem that the denial will cease to exist. We have had it. I’m going to start a larger campaign regarding ASUS negligence. Kindly prioritise this issue. Everyone is able to recreate this except you guys. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @pershingo 、 @911Gamer ,

Thank you for providing information.I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.