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ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023) huge issues after driver update

Level 9

So I just bought this laptop. First day of having it I haven't really had any issues. Now whenever I plug in the power to the laptop, or try booting the laptop with power plugged in, I just have a black screen. The keyboard is still lit up, caps lock light doesn't come on, and I still see the bios image when booting up. I assume that the system is having an issue switching to and/or using the dGPU, but uses the iGPU with no issues. 

This has happed after I moved to the latest 531 NVidia driver.  it is linked to the driver and some issue with the iGPU and dGPU setup as when I return to the original driver that is on the website and the laptop shipped with, the issues is gone. 

Another workaround is to choose standard GPU mode in Armory crate and then in NVidia CP choose NVidia GPU only.  Then the new driver works without crashing however HDR becomes unavailable and when forcing it on it crashes.


This is absurd as I'm stuck between using HDR (main purpose of buying this laptop with the Mini LED) or updating my drivers.


ASUS kindly start addressing concerns with your flagship  products.


I hope at least now ASUS acknowledges this issues instead of dodging it.  This is the fourth laptop im aware of that has the same issue.  I have PM'd the video on youtube also.  There are so many hardware issues in this range that its bewildering a company of the size and scope of ASUS cannot do better QA or give support that helps its customers.

Customer Service Agent

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
We installed the latest driver provided by NVIDIA using G634JY, and tested it according to the your feedback and operation steps, but did not find any black screen issues. 
We are concerned that there may be a phenomenon that was not replicated in certain settings or operations.
We would like to ask if you would be willing to provide us with a video of your operations to help us verify this issue?  Thank you

I also have this same issue.

Level 9

ASUS team kindly acknowledge the issue and issue rectifications.

Level 9

@Anbby_ROG Also why are DSR factors for super resolution not showing up in the nvidia control panel?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @zkalra ,


Thank you for your feedback. 
Your question has been forwarded to the appropriate department for verification . 

We will keep you updated. Thank you

Customer Service Agent

Hi @zkalra ,

After verification, it has been confirmed that the G634JY supports Display Stream Compression (DSC), so there is no DSR setting option in the NVIDIA Control Panel. For more information about DSC, please refer to the following webpage. Thank you.

Level 8

I have this same problem 😞 after change in armory crate to ultimate gpu, then restart system i see logo rog and hear that system start and Please for login but display is black 😞 can you Help me? All drivers is up to date

Level 8

So just an update from me, I tried the online asus support chat yesterday just for giggles ya know cause I mean we all know how that works and got told twice that I needed to do a full restore and if that didn't work it needed to be sent in for repairs.

If any of you guys are curious , I will recap the issue. 

If you update past the approved nvidia driver on asus's  driver pages or in the armory crate then turn on your hdr option in display options there is an issue when the machine switches between sdr and hdr . The screen will black out and not respond. No keyboard command or function will restore and you have to hard reset without the unit plugged in to get functionality back. For me this occurs when closing the lid, or switching in display options from hdr to sdr either way, allowing the laptop to go to sleep or in some games not supportive of hdr. 


It only occurs with newer versions of nvidia drivers. Original stock driver that came with the unit works fine. I have tried updates on bios 307 308 and 309. I have also did a complete restore twice. 

I'm not an IT guy or certified computer tech of any kind but... I know a little . Anyone chip in here but if a system works fine under one driver but not another thats a software issue correct? 

Also ASUS please start really looking into this, having a 3k machine that glitches when trying to use certain paid for options is annoying at the least.

Any comments about my assumptions are welcome and appreciated. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @911Gamer ,

Thanks for your feedback. 
We are actively working to address the issue of black screen caused by driver versions, but it's possible that some operational steps may have been overlooked, resulting in the issue persisting. 
We have tested the G634JY with the NVIDIA 531.61 driver version and enabled HDR functionality without encountering any black screen or system crash issues. 
Regarding your description of the screen turning black when switching between SDR and HDR, would you be willing to provide us with a video of the steps you performed, as well as the BIOS version and NVIDIA driver version you are using?
After receiving your information, we will promptly provide it to the relevant team for further investigation of this issue. Thank you.