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ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023) huge issues after driver update

Level 9

So I just bought this laptop. First day of having it I haven't really had any issues. Now whenever I plug in the power to the laptop, or try booting the laptop with power plugged in, I just have a black screen. The keyboard is still lit up, caps lock light doesn't come on, and I still see the bios image when booting up. I assume that the system is having an issue switching to and/or using the dGPU, but uses the iGPU with no issues. 

This has happed after I moved to the latest 531 NVidia driver.  it is linked to the driver and some issue with the iGPU and dGPU setup as when I return to the original driver that is on the website and the laptop shipped with, the issues is gone. 

Another workaround is to choose standard GPU mode in Armory crate and then in NVidia CP choose NVidia GPU only.  Then the new driver works without crashing however HDR becomes unavailable and when forcing it on it crashes.


This is absurd as I'm stuck between using HDR (main purpose of buying this laptop with the Mini LED) or updating my drivers.


ASUS kindly start addressing concerns with your flagship  products.


Customer Service Agent

Hi  @zkalra ,

Thanks for your feedback.
The driver offered on the ASUS website is based on the Nvidia driver provided , and has multiple compatibility tests and verifications before release to ensuring the best experience for users. 
If you encounter any issues while using the latest version of the driver provided by the Nvidia, it is recommended to install the ASUS website driver first to ensure stability and compatibility.

Hi. I’m sorry but this response is entirely inadequate. Are you saying that I shouldn’t upgrade my drivers till they become available on your website that are at least three versions old? Because the latest driver mentioned on your website is more than three versions old. Shouldn’t you work with the GPU maker to ensure compatibility in your products? What’s the point of having a 4090 if I can’t download the latest drivers to play the latest games?


why sell products with hardware if you can’t support it with proper software?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @zkalra ,
Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Yes I have sent a detailed revert to your DM.  Request a quick resolution to this please as NV driver updates are common and no user on this current gen of Strix laptops will be able to update to newer drivers in the absence of the resolution to this pressing issue.

Thank you.

Level 9

This is still open and pending immediate resolution and prioritization please.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @zkalra ,

We tested G634JY (BIOS:308) with NVIDIA's website downloads: V31.0.15.3129 and V31.0.15.3158 versions installed.
Selected the dGPU to use and tested the power switch(with AC adpter), which functioned normally.
We will continue to confirm your feedback about the 531.61 version. Thank you

Hi I’m afraid this isn’t the case with my laptop of which two I have now purchased (and returned one buying the second hoping it was a one off solution). Also at the Asus store near where I live, the demo piece has exact same issue. The process is broken. 80% of the times after either removing power or even merely just restarting the computer with any drivers apart from the ones the lsptop shipped with results In a black screen. Please understand this has now been witnessed on three entirely different laptops. 

Also please inform me what was armoury crate setting set to? Ultimate or standard? Please share exact process you have done. I’m happy to share a complete video of the process. 

Level 8

I'm writing to say that I too share this issue with my newly purchased G634J model. Its disappointing to drop 3k on a lappy and the software be glitched to where u cannot adopt the new drivers 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @911Gamer ,

We tested the G634JY(BIOS:308) with NVIDIA's official website download versions installed.
We did not find any black screen or system crash issues.
Can you please PM me a video that includes your setup steps and the problem occurs ,and provide us with the the following information?

Serial Number(S/N):
BIOS version:
NVidia driver version(cannot be used):