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ROG Strix G733ZW laptop has a black screen when using the power adapter (250W).

Level 7

I have a ROG Strix G733ZW laptop , and after updating to Windows 11 (KB5029351), it experiences a black screen when using the power adapter. This issue is quite peculiar. The basic details are as follows: Windows version - Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22621, BIOS version - 324. The problems encountered are as follows:

  1. When using the discrete graphics card output mode and powered by the 250W power adapter, the screen goes black. However, when powered by Type-C (100W) or the battery, it works normally.

  2. When using the hybrid output or automatic adjustment display mode and powered by the 250W power adapter, the screen doesn't go black, but the discrete graphics card cannot be detected. Only the integrated graphics card functions (code43).

Actions I have taken:

  1. Held down the power button for 40 seconds to reset the hardware (did not work).
  2. Cleaned the interior of dust, the memory, and the hard drive (did not work).
  3. Updated the BIOS to 324(did not work).

Currently, I am using the discrete graphics card output along with 100W Type-C power (everything is normal). What else can I do to resolve this issue? If you can help me, let me know. Thanks!!!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Max99 ,


I'd like to confirm if the 250W power adapter you're using is provided by the original manufacturer? 
Could you please reinstall ASUS System Control Interface v3 (V3.1.17) and use uninstall software to remove Armoury Crate, then reinstall it to test if this resolves the issue?

If the problem continues to persist, would you be willing to record a video demonstrating this issue? This would greatly assist us in further understanding the problem. Thank you.

There is an error in the original text. It is not a 250W power supply but a 280W power supply, and the power supply is original. Since I've ruled out all software issues, the problem must be hardware. Of course, it is very unfortunate that my warranty expired, I've only been using it for a year and it's causing problems, what can I say? So I had to find someone to repair it. I waited patiently for a week, the computer repairman told me that there was a short circuit inside the motherboard. I can't believe it's only been a year since there was an internal short circuit problem on the motherboard. I admit that this laptop is well designed and looks great, but the quality is really disappointing. This is the most expensive computer I have ever bought. I remember that the last HP laptop I bought has been running well for 12 years, but this flagship computer has problems in just one year, which makes me doubt the quality of ASUS that the quality control is really bad. So I would like to advise people who want to buy this laptop to think twice, this laptop is not the best option and you are likely to waste a lot of money.