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Rog Strix G713RC laptop screen stays black after screen sleep mode, complete restart /reset needed

Level 7

Just bought the rog strix G713RC 2022 laptop, thinking it would be a really great laptop with the hardware package..

However.. I am wondering, does Asus respect our money that we throw at them? or do they disrespect us as customers nowadays?

1. when screen goes to sleep.. it does NOT come back!? I have to completely restart it with power button long press and 2 times this even did not work... Now i cant use it with confidence to work on...its as good as no laptop basically. I am not happy for possibly wasting my money, and for sure now my  time...
I have googled it and i read COUNTLESS posts about this issue, from 2021 untill this year, 2023, yesterday to be exact... And no fix mentioned by asus?? huh? am i missing something? i hope i am missing something!
Do the bios updates fix this? i cant find any details on it other then "optimization" i dont see "black screen after screen sleep fix."
2. Also the wifi icon in taskbar is not the wifi icon with the signal but it is a ethernet icon?? Yes i can run troubleshooter blalba..  but what is this? bad drivers? bad image in factory?
3. Windows 11 boottime is rediculously slow as in almost a minute...weird?
4. This was after 2 hours of use.. what other errors does this laptop have that i dont know yet?
I can wipe all and put new windows on it and use driverbooster to install drivers.. and no asus software..
But since this might complicate sending it back as non working product i dont do this yet. And maybe anyone could verify if this would actually work?
Bought this on a price action, so the money for the hardware is the best. This is my reason that i want to seek a solution more then that i want to sent it back.


Customer Service Agent

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. In regards to the issues you mentioned, I would like to gather more information to clarify the situation and provide some possible solutions.


1.Regarding the issue of the screen not waking up from sleep, have you tried adjusting the settings according to the instructions provided in the following link?


2.Regarding the Wi-Fi icon issue, the displayed icon may vary depending on your current connection status (e.g., no network connection, connected to Wi-Fi, connected to Ethernet). Could you confirm if you are currently connected to a wired network? If you are still experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues, you can refer to the information in the following link to troubleshoot:


3.For the slow boot time issue in Windows 11, since you have recently purchased the laptop, I recommend updating the BIOS and other drivers to the latest versions and ensuring that all updates have been completed. Then, test the system again to see if the issue persists.


If you need further assistance or have any other concerns, please let us know. Thank you.