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ROG Strix G713RC color profile

Level 7

Hey everyone! just want to ask if there's a fix with my monitor's color display? my display was set to default. I have external monitor and it turns out the external monitor was accurate for other screen colors. after finishing my designs, it turns out that the colo I used in the project was NOT ACCURATE with the other people's screens. Please if someone knows how to fix this let me know.

my external monitor was set to default too, I tried to use a color management tool in the system to fix the color profile but it is not working. it is really  a pain in my job since I am a graphic designerthe big screen was the external monitor and the other one was my laptop's screenthe big screen was the external monitor and the other one was my laptop's screen


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nicetryyyyy ,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with color calibration for your screen. I'll provide you with some ways that may help. 
You can start by using the built-in calibration tool in Windows to adjust your monitor's colors. Additionally, the "GameVisual" feature in Armoury Crate also offers color adjustments. Since color calibration is crucial for accurate design work, you can consider using external calibration equipment for more precise results. 
I hope this information is helpful. If you have any other concerns, please let us know. Thank you.