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ROG Strix G713PV_G713PV random restarts

Level 9

My previous thread is locked and i can't continue writing there so i had to open a new one.

My G713PV_G713PV had a randomly restarting issue but i managed to solve it by myself because ASUS DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE PROBLEM EXISTED... But yesterday my computer updated the bios by itself and guess what? yes, asus managed to break my computer again from remote and it restarted randomly before. Looks like asus does not want me to use this computer but i have to use it till i can save some money to buy a proper working laptop like an MSI or a LENOVO... Now i need to revert back to previous bios. Can someone help me how to do it please?


Level 9


I'm using 329 bios and faced the same issue. I removed all Asus apps and services from Windows. I think you are the one whom I followed for removing Asus apps and services. 
I also did a few things in bios:


If changing those in bios is not working then you can downgrade.
Please leave your feedback after making the above bios changes. My laptop has been working fine for three days, and those events are still logging but not getting any restarts this time. 

You can follow the below video for bios downgrade:

Let me know if that helps you. 

You need to download: BIOS for ASUS EZ Flash Utility and need a flash drive.
Login to bios and follow the steps in the provided video. 

Please be aware of the risks before doing all of this.

Where to get old BIOS?

Savant45 do you have the same problem with same laptop? 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Emrezo ,


We greatly value the issues you've brought to our attention. Based on previous user feedback, the random restart issue should be resolved after using the ASUS-certified AMD Display driver version V31.0.14038.8002.

If the problem persists, please use the AslogDumptool to extract logs and provide the following information via private message. I will forward this information to the relevant team for further investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.


Serial Number:
BIOS Version:
Nvidia Display Driver Version:
Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
Issue occurs with iGPU/dGPU:
Software where the issue occurs:
Whether there is an external monitor or other devices connected:
Armory Crate > Settings > About > Service Version > Check button (Copy all content):