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Rog Strix G614JZ doesn't boot after upgrading ram from 16 to 48 GB

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I got default ram Samsung 16GB DDR5 4800MHz SODIMM CL40 in Rog Strix G614JZ model laptop. And I got researched a lot to be able to make a compatible upgrade. I know this PC can support max 64GB capacity. Finally, I've chosen Kingston FURY Impact 32GB DDR5 4800MHz CL38 for the second slot. But i couldn't boot the PC. Keyboard's RGB's coming on and fans are begining to spin but nothing on screen. Just black even if i wait for at least 5 mins.

The methods that I tried already:

  1.  I plugged directly the new Ram(32GB) into the 2nd slot. And the booting problem occurred.
  2. I unplugged the default ram (32GB) and plugged the new ram(16GB) alone, PC booted succesfully.
  3. I unplugged the default ram (16GB) and plugged the new ram(32GB) alone, PC booted succesfully.
  4. I unplugged both rams and clean any possible dirts on the rams, and then tried them together again. PC couldn't boot.

I couldn't find anything that says I "cannot" do this upgrade as total 48GB = 16GB + 32GB for the 2 slots, just some on forums says that it'd "better" to use same Ram specs. in both slots such as the same DDR#, clock speed, and CAS latency. But, all of those says "eventually", there will be no issues for working. If any customer service agent can help me here, i appreciate a lot!


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Hey guys,

I found my own solution in a discussion that has taken place in another Turkish site, here, the guy there tried Cruical 32GB ram + 16GB Samsung(already installed with the model). And it worked!.

So I conclude this topic as solved with this reply, and suggest that the people who want to upgrade their Strix G16 2023 more than 32 GB, they should stick with Crucial only, unless they can find another approvement about other brands such as Kingston, Samsung, etc. I also wrote to Kingston but they said they don't test the computers and they don't take any responsibilities. Stick with Crucial guys!




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Hello 1Leviathan1

According to the specs, the ROG Strix G614JZ supports a maximum of 32GB of memory, this is why you're having issues.

Click the link below, then click the red arrow to the right twice.

ROG Strix G16 (2023) | Gaming Laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (



Hello Nate152,

Thanks for your kind response. But I kindly suggest you that do not trust "everything" written on about tech specs. Because there are many versions of each colomn(each model of strix g16) on that site and each version has different specs actually. For example, you can look at that site for "Support NumberPad", and you can find at very last 2 colomns and both g614jz-n4043x and g614jz-n4044x have that support. But my laptop doesn't. I mentioned that in another conversation and you can also check how that conversation was gone here .

Also i want you to look at here or simply write the following command "wmic memphysical get maxcapacity" on cmd screen to learn max capacity of your laptop. Mine says "MaxCapacity 67108864" which means (roughly) 64GB when you divide it 1024.  Also this laptop is brand new march-2023 and total max capacity cannot be 32GB for any brand new gaming laptops any more in my opinion.

We can take specs as might be written for just 1 slot. That shouldn't be but there is a naive possibility :).

US Customer Loyalty Agent

Hi Nate, 1Leviathan1,

I'm located at the U.S. office and may not always have all the details, so we may also want to get HQ's feedback.

Yes, the link below can be a bit confusing, but if ASUS didn't approve larger memory modules for the notebook, we can't say it will work although it doesn't always mean the notebook cannot work with more memory.

If anybody is familiar with the desktop motherboards we sell separately, we have a nice memory qualified vendor list (QVL) which tells customers exactly what ASUS has approved for that particular desktop motherboard model, but unfortunately, we don't have anything like this for notebooks (other than the list of memory that we ship with notebooks), and don't have information about using larger memory modules.

ROG Strix G16 (2023) | Gaming Laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (

Also, not very familiar with the Strix G16 2023 models sold in other regions, but as far as I know, we have not shipped any Strix G16 2023 models with more than 32Gb of total memory, and aren't able to recommend any memory to use if customers want to install more than 32Gb of memory which doesn't mean it will not work although we aren't usually able to provide much help to  customers trying install more memory.

Finally, if you check with some third-party memory manufacturers like Crucial which it looks like 1Leviathan1 already did, they may list memory that they have approved on their end for the ASUS Strix G16 2023 models, but just be clear that ASUS has not officially approved Crucial memory for the Strix G16 2023 models, so customers need to work with Crucial if they run into any problems using Crucial memory.


Hopefully, that makes some sense, but feel free to discuss and wanted to discuss the link below more.

ROG Strix G16 (2023) | Gaming Laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (

  • The link above is our global site, but when necessary, check the bottom of the webpage to change the region and hopefully find information about models sold in the local region.
  • Although "G614JZ" is a gaming notebook model name, it doesn't specify the configuration or exact memory specifications, so customers always want to look for the 'full model name' like "G614JZ-N4043X" before they purchase the notebook which specifies a specific hardware configuration, otherwise, they can end up getting the wrong specifications.

Hi Albert,

Firstly, thanks for your response in details.

I just must say that all the written tech specs like NumberPad Support and max mem capacity must be smooth and correct on Because the selling sites also copying them on their sites and even MyAsus service agents (just talked to them half an hour ago) keep telling me the max capacity is 32GB, as well.

But if anyone wants to learn max mem capacity of their own notebook, they can easily check it out by just typing this command in cmd command prompt:

wmic memphysical get maxcapacity

and they can see how much they can have. I think I should share of mine, here it is,

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-09-04 114440.png

Besides Crucial approved the bunch of memory kits on Strix G16 2023, also here in this link mrmemory says the max mem capacity of this laptop must be 64GB. And they have the list with other manufacturers such as Kingston, Corsair, and Samsung. So i don't think it's valid confirmation only for Crucial.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @1Leviathan1 ,


Thank you for sharing the information. I'd like to clarify the max capacity supported RAM with you.
Indeed, it's possible to check the max capacity RAM supported by the CPU through cmd commands. However, after conducting internal testing on the overall hardware specifications of the G614JZ, we found that the maximum supported RAM is 32GB (16+16). Below, I provide you with a reference to memory brands and models we've tested.  Thank you for your understanding.




Well, I have to go by the ASUS specs and 32GB max capacity means for both slots, so 2x16GB would be the maximum.

I only use 16GB (2x8GB) in my current gaming pc and it's all I need, 32GB is more than enough, 64GB is overkill for gaming.

What I would do is return that 32GB stick if you can and go with 2x16GB sticks.



Well, if it is why my laptop says my max capacity is 64 GB? That's why I cannot take your response as a solution.

I don't wanna take the subject to how i can make my usage minimum here. 48 GB is kinda overkill for gaming + work, as well. However, half of my default ram (1x16GB) is already gone when i open it. The rest can't handle while i use dlss + ray tracing. It was obviously lagging.

You suggested me to return but that's the new one. And i never got 2x16GB rams in both slots. Actually I just thought that will be limiting factor for me for the upcoming years if i want to make it double as 64GB. Now, I'm using the new ram (1x32gb) in 1 slot. Everything is good. But that's not the point. While the laptop supports 64GB, why should i limit it as 32GB besides i got 48GB as total just right now?

The only possible reason should be the brand incompatibility. Samsung + Kingston. Otherwise, there is no solution that makes sense, i guess.


That is an excellent point to make, you should always purchase a single kit of the speed and capacity you want, combining memory sticks/kits is not recommended.

With one stick you are running in single channel, you'd ideally want two sticks for dual channel.

If you take a look at the recommended requirements for your games, I'll bet they all say 16GB, microsoft flight simulator might be an exception. 

I see your laptop comes with only one 16GB memory stick.

I would return that 32GB stick for a 2x16GB memory kit to give you dual channel.

Well, you haven't responded the question(why my laptop says my max capacity is 64 GB?) in my last reply. Also there is a confusion in your last reply. While your first sentence saying "combining memory sticks is not recommended", your final is "returning 32GB stick for a dual channel 2x16GB". I mean how can i do not combine but use dual then?

I see you are a Moderator, here.

I hope a customer service agent will reply, as well like one did in my last problem. And that was very helpful and was not stick to tech specs this much. That's why your suggestions are ignoring my questions.

This laptop (according to output of the cmd command) supports max 64GB. That's where my questions arised up. I need a confirmation with respect to especially this. I don't know the procedure here but can you please leave/send the subject to a customer service agent?