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ROG Strix G614JI random freeze,shuts down or reboots on its own.

Level 7

New laptop after some time of use shuts down or reboots despite the lack of any message (after Windows updates it happened once that there was a blue screen and there were problems with the brightness settings of the screen).


Customer Service Agent

Hi @MrSeller ,

I would like to confirm whether your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 318. Could you please let me know which software/game you were using or if the automatic shutdown and restart occurred during standby mode?
Regarding the blue screen and brightness issues, are these problems still persisting? Thank you .

Hi @Anbby_ROG 

All settings are as they were, the only thing I updated was Windows and other programs but nothing that we had to do with the BIOS. But as far as the blue screen problems are concerned, they do not occur at this time.

I would have another question, is it possible to change the version of Windows from 11 to 10 that I have a feeling that this may be caused by the Operating System.

BIOS Version:318
GOP Version:17.0.1081
EC Version:G614JIEC.043



Ah and regarding when it shuts down or restarts it is even when I download the game on Steam and when I am writing this reply right now.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @MrSeller ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you have replaced or installed any hardware components by yourself, such as memory or SSD?
The G614JI is originally with Windows 11. If you install Windows 10 on your own, you might encounter compatibility issues with certain software due to the outdated system version. Have you tried reinstalling the operating system to test it? Thank you.