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ROG Strix G533QS-HF212T system wide stuttering

Level 7

Since I got my laptop in December 2021 it suffered from random system wide stutters. Nothing in particular seems to cause them as it can happen at anytime (on idle, while browsing internet, while gaming). The occurrence of such stuttering can be seen here: Laptop has the latest BIOS version and everything is up to date. I've tried creating a new RMA request but got told to record the evidence of this problem, which is almost impossible as it happens at random...

Is there any way to reproduce this problem so that I can record it and have evidence of it happening? Or is there any other solution for this problem?

System specificaton:



Enabling the 'firmware TPM' causes system wide stuttering on a growing number of AMD based PC's, as seen in this video. Personally, I have now had 4 consecutive PC's with AMD CPU's that have this problem. Both on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Update - AMD has finally recognized the issue and is ...

Customer Service Agent

Hi @wixy0 ,

I would like to further confirm the situation regarding the system stuttering. Does this occur when the laptop is connected to power? You mentioned that it also happens during idle times. Could you please describe the usage scenario when the stuttering occurs? Does it typically happen shortly after booting up or after using the laptop for a certain period of time? When the stuttering occurs, what is the usage rate of the hardware in the Task Manager (Performance)?

Based on your description, this issue has been ongoing for some time. To avoid repetitive troubleshooting, could you please share any tests or actions you have taken so far? For example, have you tried reinstalling the system or replacing the SSD or RAM?

Thank you.

I always turn on my laptop when it's connected to power. It sometimes happens shortly after booting but it can also happen 8 hours into using the laptop. It doesn't seem to happen during any particular action, to me it seems random.

I didn't try reinstalling the system or replacing any parts as it would most likely void my warranty. Moreover, I doubt it would help as it has been happening since the laptop was brand new.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @wixy0 ,

We suggest you refer to the instructions in this link to reinstall the system and update the BIOS to the latest version 331 to see if this improves the situation. Thank you.