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ROG Strix G531GT - Screen keeps glitching and laptop crashing

Level 8

Hello, I have been having this problem for a while now. Whenever I open any game (or do anything like Illustrator, Photoshop) that requires a little bit more of my humble machine, it sometimes does not handle very well. The screen glitches and it instantly becomes unusable, I have to turn it off, turn it on again and it usually happens again (quicker) if I re-open the game. It's not overheating, I already checked that, and I also opened the PC and cleared everything, didn't find anything unusual. I would like to know what could be the cause to this? My drivers are up to date aswell, I really don't know what else to do, although I'm almost sure It is an hardware problem.


Please help, thank you 😄


Level 12

Have you updated Intel's iGPU driver ?
If so, restore the default one from the Asus website.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @phishift ,

I'd like to clarify more usage scenarios with you to further understand your issue.
Do you have an external monitor connected? If so, how is it connected?
You mentioned experiencing screen malfunctions when opening high-performance gaming software. Is this happening with all games or specific ones? Could you provide a video or photo for us to confirm the screen issue?
When you're playing games or using high-performance software, what mode is the GPU set to in Armoury Crate?

Please ensure that your BIOS is updated to the latest version 308, and test whether the issue improves with ASUS-certified NVIDIA display driver version V30.0.15.1278 and Intel display driver version V26.20.100.6911. Thank you.

Thank you @Anbby_ROG,

I do use an external monitor lately, but that wasn't the case when the issue first started.


Here is a photo of the screen glitch.

When I'm playing video games and using high-performance software my GPU is always set to turbo!

I'm going to try the drivers you presented me, let's see if this stops!

Customer Service Agent

Hi @phishift ,

Thank you for your feedback. 
I'd like to confirm with you if the same issue occurs on an external monitor. When running games or high-performance software, are you using the iGPU or the dGPU? Looking forward to hearing good news after you update the drivers. Thanks.

It does not happen on an external monitor, the laptop screen will glitch, the PC will crash, but the external monitor stays the same. I've been using the dGPU, I'm almost sure of that.


Also, I updated everything and it still happened.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @phishift ,

Thank you for your feedback. Based on your description, we kindly ask you to take your laptop to the local service center for further hardware diagnostics. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.