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ROG Strix G513RC_G513RC Bluetooth Driver Disappears Frequently

Level 7

On my ROG STRIX G15 (Model: G513RC) running Windows 11 Home X64 Single Language, the Bluetooth driver disappers quite frequently.

To put it simple, often after wake from sleep or a fresh restart the driver just disapears. For clartity, please see below:

1. Quick Setting shows - "Airplane Mode," only. Bluetooth toogle disappears.

2. I verified the bluetooth driver hidden in "Device Manager."

3. Tried - Scanning hardware changes, running Windows Trouble Shooter for Bluetooth. It does identify the issue, but when it goes off from the system, the msg I get is "Connect the Bluetooth Adapter."

4. For additional assurance, all drivers both from MyAsus app and web support are cross verified and updated (if there was any update).

My use Case -

It's a mixed use for Work + Gaming + Music.

I'm using PS5 controller, Logitech M337 Mouse and JBL Extreme Speaker.

The driver often goes off with no trace but only the message "Connect Bluetooth Adapter first" coming on-screen and facing issues with my Speaker (connects > disconnects > connects again, so on) simultaneously the same thing happening witth the Mouse as well, and I have no clue.

Throughout the course of laptop usage to-date and trying figuring out what really is the cause, still remains the big question!!

I've been through re-installing windows, making sure the running BIOS is latest, checking Bluetooth Adapter changes in BIOS, etc.

I can't yet say what is leading to this! It's a nice laptop and except this Bluetooth fiasco I hardly faced a problem with any components. 

For reference, initially I had toublle with AMD Display Graphic Driver. For which, I called ASUS engineer and he run diagnostics, eventually ending up re-installing Windows and the lengthy process of re-installing or drivers again. Later, I it was clear that something was wrong with the driver itself regardless where you're getting it from (support website or MyAsus app). But as of now, I can't be certain if there's something with Bluetooth Driver itself (which seems obvious) or something else is coming in the way.

I wonder if someone else or more people facing the same issue on their system. I'd appreciate thoughts or any help poossible.

Bluetooth Driver Details:

Version: 1.932.2.294

Date: 2/16/2023

Provider: MediaTek

Windows 11, version: 10.22621 Build 22621 


Customer Service Agent

hi @atheion ,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused during your use. 
Since you have already reinstalled the system and updated the relevant drivers to the latest version, but the problem still exists.
I would like to confirm if you have used MyASUS to check for any abnormal hardware function of Bluetooth?

Here are the instructions for your reference:
Open MyASUS and select [Customer Support].In [System Diagnosis] select [Bluetooth] and check the hardware diagnostic item Click on [Checkup].
If any error occurs, please try the troubleshooting suggestions and possible approaches to resolve the problem in MyASUS. .

If the Bluetooth check in MyASUS shows no abnormalities, could you please provide the current BIOS version information and a video of the problem?
We will ask the relevant department to further investigate this issue. Thank you.

Thank you Anbby_ROG, 

Confirming, MyAsus is installed and running.

I ran diagnostics for Bluetooth & Hardware, shows zero problems here's a screenshot:


BIOS Version: 327

From CMD - G513RC.327

From SystemInfo - SMBIOS Version 3.4

And sure, I will upload a video recording as well.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @atheion ,

Thank you for providing the information.
We will feedback the relevant department to verify your issue.
If the video is ready later, please share it with us. Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @atheion ,

Based on the information you provided, we would like to conduct some tests to see if the issue can be resolved. 
We kindly request your assistance in following the instructions below to perform the troubleshooting steps:

1. Open "Device Manager" and uninstall the latest Media Tek Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers.



2. After uninstalling both drivers, the previously updated versions will be automatically installed. Please restart your laptop and test if the issue has been resolved.
We appreciate your cooperation in following these steps.If the problem persists, it may indicate a hardware issue. In that case, we kindly ask for your cooperation in sending the laptop to the repair center for further diagnosis and repair.
Please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns. Thank you