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Level 7

Hello, I hope someone can help me with this problem I have. I just did maintenance on my rog strix g512li laptop, when doing so I replaced the keyboard since it was malfunctioning, so far so good. The problem occurs when, after finishing reassembling the device, it does not turn on, only the airplane mode LED indicator turns on and from there the device does not advance. Please, can someone help me and guide me to solve it please.


Level 10

I would open it up again and check if all the connections are properly where they need to be. That is especially true for ribbon cables, if those are slightly loose, you can get a bad connection and the computer will refuse to boot. As you reseat the cable and lock it in again, you can try turning on the computer before final assembly to see if it is in the right position. Once it works, turn the computer off again and reassemble it, being very careful not to dislodge the ribbon.

Depending on the laptop, the keyboard, power button and trackpad ribbons can be pains to reconnect properly as they are often exactly the length they absolutely need to be without any spare.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ombai ,

Thank you for providing the relevant troubleshooting steps, QQ02. If the issue persists after following the checks, it could be a matter of component compatibility. We can only suggest that you return to the service center for further assistance. We appreciate your understanding.