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ROG Strix G17 hard and important issues with GPU

Level 7

Hi everyone!

There will be a lot of text here, as it is difficult to find a solution to this important problem. 

1.5 months ago I purchased Asus ROG Strix G17 (G713PV) gaming laptop with AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060, 16Gb RAM. Strangely enough, the store offered to install Windows 10, but then I did not know that this laptop was designed for 11, so I installed 10 in the store, but after four days I successfully upgraded the OS to version 11. Everything is licensed. There were no drivers for a discrete graphics card, an integrated graphics card and a chipset, everything was installed from the developers' websites.

A day or two after the purchase, I was met with a BSOD VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR, the dump blames it all nvlddmkm.sys and also the following is written in the dump: DirectX.FatalError.Desc UNEXPECTED_DEFERRED_DESTRUCTION

Half a month later, the blue screen of death returned with the same error. After that, I did not use the laptop for 7 days and half a month after the previous BSOD, the same blue screen and the same error reappeared, everything is absolutely the same – VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR, DirectX.FatalError.Desc – UNEXPECTED_DEFERRED_DESTRUCTION and nvlddmkm.sys as a "causer". In recent days, this thing has become more frequent (on average once every 6 days, but in 1 day the error may appear 2 times).

But it does NOT depend at all on the load on the laptop. I can perform nothing and a blue screen may pop up, I can use Photoshop and a blue screen can pop up, I can just open the browser and BSOD can pop up. However, I can also open games or Blender for use it for hours and there will be no BSOD. Only once (three days after the purchase, there was no such thing anymore) Photoshop said me this: «Compositing preferences auto-set to CPU due to an unexpected error. You can reenable GPU compositing in your preferences if needed», Blender had something similar, but it never happened again. After that, the drivers were reinstalled using DDU.

Also I noticed that after installing Epic Games Launcher (installed 1.5 months after purchase), the laptop gave out a blue screen with the same error two times almost immediately after switching on so I decided to turn off the Launcher autorun – the error has not popped up yet.

I tried to run /scannow, check RAM, install new drivers, install those offered by Asus itself, several times – there is an error. Moreover, MyASUS says there are no errors.

I also want to share one more point. Perhaps it will be associated with VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR, let me know your opinion:

Since the purchase, there have been noticeable jumps in GPU Clock in idle time when the laptop is not in use (Armoury Crate). That is, for a while, instead of the values, "Energy saving/extreme energy saving" can be written, and then the clock jumps to 2370Mhz and the temperature is displayed (45-48 °C). Armoury Crate writes "ROG boost O.C.", but what was the need for overclocking in idle time? At the same time, when using resource-intensive applications, the clock is more adequate (of course, there can be 2370 with big load, but at least without load in an open heavy application somewhere 200-400)

The following pattern has been observed for the last two days: in idle time, the clock stays at 2370Mhz 85% of the time. I would like to emphasize once again that the usage of GPU is 0%. Periodically, the frequency drops to 0 and then returns to high values just as quickly. By the way, even GPU-Z confirmed this. The temperature is 41-47, but it has been higher – 55 degrees.

Also in GPU-Z, I noticed "jumps" in Power Draw and Voltage, but judging by the diagram they are not related to clock.

I would be very grateful if someone would explain what is the matter and give me hints! I really hope that the problem is not hardware, but I really want to find out the solution even if even if it's a matter of hardware.


Level 12

And you can't upgrade W10 to W11?

The available drivers are for W11.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Ana3ta3ia ,
According to the information you provided, the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR is typically associated with graphics card issues. May I confirm if your current system version is Windows 11? 

Please try updating the AMD VGA driver to version V31.0.14038.8002 and Nvidia to version v31.0.15.4624 in Windows 11 to see if the issue improves. Thank you.

My current system version is Windows 11. I will try to install the drivers you attached and let you know if the problem remains. Thank you for your reply!

I reinstalled the drivers, there was no BSOD yet, but I noticed a strange thing.
In GPU-Z, some values rise very much (idle time). GPU Voltage drops when some values tend to go up. The idle temperature ranges from 45 to 52 degrees. It does not depend on the drivers, because I tried different ones before and there were similar situations.
I attach some screenshots from GPU-Z. The first two screenshots show the GPU in idle time. There can be even 590W values as GPU-Z indicates in the third screenshot
I am really sorry for big images, the medium ones are not displayed correctly.
2-2-2024 2.gif2-2-2024.gif2-2-2024 3.gif
The last two screenshots show the GPU in action (simple actions in Blender and simple rendering)2-2-2024 load1.gif2-2-2024 load2.gif
Do you think it can be a hardware problem?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Ana3ta3ia ,

Thank you for your feedback. Have you encountered any issues in usage when anomalies occur in the values?
If possible, could you please provide the following information through private message, along with the GPU-Z log file, for further investigation? Thank you.

Serial Number:
BIOS Version:
Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)