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ROG Strix G17 can't detect and use it's own display

Level 7

I have a ROG Strix G17 laptop, windows 11. 

My Issue:
When I turn on my laptop the screen remains black, I know it's on because the keyboard lights and fan turns on.
I can see the display if I connect it to an external monitor. When I check the display settings while using the external monitor, my laptop can't detect its own internal screen. 

What I've tried:

  • tried duplicating, extending, and detecting in display settings while using an external monitor 
  • updating the display adapter
  • unplugging and plugging in the power supply cord
  • restarting the laptop with and without an external monitor connected
  • Sometimes my laptop is unable to connect to the external monitor after restarting. After uninstalling and reinstalling the display adapter a few times, it is now able to connect consistently after being restarted.

I have not dropped my laptop recently and this issue only started happening after I started using an external monitor.

Any advice? 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @tinyteacup ,
I would like to confirm if you have tried removing and reinstalling the graphics card driver to test it. 
Additionally, have you recently added or replaced any memory modules? If so, please try testing with the memory installed as provided by the original manufacturer.

You can refer to the steps in the following link to perform the removal and reinstallation of the graphics card driver:
Should you have any further questions or require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.Thank you