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ROG STRIX G16 Laptop screen boots up as white washed screen

Level 7

Hey everyone.  I have a unique problem with my new ASUS ROG Strix G16 laptop.  The first two weeks that I owned this computer, it worked perfectly.  Just recently, when I go to boot up the computer, the screen is very white-washed out and shows some wildly faded swirl designs.  I can barely make out the screen lock.  Once I put my passcode into access the computer, I have to hook it up to an external monitor.  The external monitor shows my screen perfectly, and then my laptop screen works perfectly as well.  I can even unplug the ext. monitor and my laptop screen works flawlessly.  Unfortunately, when I shut my computer down, or when my computer goes into rest mode due to inactivity, the screen is washed out again until I plug in the ext. monitor, at which point I can then unplug the ext. monitor.  Both the HDMI port and USB-c ports will do the trick.  My question is, how do i remedy this extra step?  Another little side note, I noticed the night before these series of events happened, my gaming was extremely choppy, to the point I had to stop playing that night.  I currently have no choppy graphics, so something auto corrected.  I do not know if these two situations are related.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Hanibal478 ,

Could you please confirm your BIOS version and whether the display driver is using the latest version verified by the official source? Please find the latest version here
Additionally, would the same issue persist if you enter the BIOS? Could you possibly record a video to further clarify the situation you're experiencing? Thank you.