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ROG Strix G16 Keyboard and USB issues

Level 8

Im dealing with some confusing issues on a new laptop. I have an issue where the laptop keyboard and any connected USB devices randomly stop functioning. A restart fixes the problem, but only temporarily. I have sent it in for RMA twice now, but the team has not been able to locate the issue either time. Does anyone here have any idea what could be causing it?

More info: Ive tried a factory reset after softer fixes like updating every driver I could think of. The RMA technicians also tried replacing the motherboard. Connected to the laptop I have a keyboard, mouse and USB headset. These dont cause issues on any other computers, so I dont think they could be causing the issue. I havent noticed the issue happening when nothing is connected, though. I have also noticed that there is an unusual amount of audio crackling/stuttering before the issue happens. Finally, Ive noticed that the issue seems to occur when Im playing some kind of media on the laptop (videos, games, etc.)

I can provide any other information that would be useful. If anyone has any thoughts or advice, please share. Should I request that Asus replace the entire laptop? This is an out of the box issue.


If you could test it on Wifi that would be great, if the issue doesnt happen that means we must have the same problem. Using wifi only is what I have been doing as a temporary fix. Not great for internet connection but its better than my laptop seizing up, lol.

I've bought a new USB Hubb that arrives in a couple of days just to see if that can solve my issue, ill try to be on WIFI aswell and see if the problem still occurs.

Btw for me at least, The audio issues don't happen while I am using my Bluetooth earbuds even though if I switch back to my USB headset it starts happening again. Thought this would be somewhat helpful if any of you guys have Bluetooth headphones laying around.

Seems like my problem is no longer occurring since i got the new USB Hubb, I think u were right when u were talking about device incompablities.

Whats the exact model of usb hub did you buy? I myself use a star tech usb c hub. But have noticed that the problem may occur occasionally but its not as annoying as before.

I got a ACER USB Hubb, looks pretty much like this. 



Nevermind, just a couple of minutes later I got playback error and i hear crackling sound in my headset, but just a quick refresh of the browser fixes the problem. So far no need to restart the computer and the USB ports are not shutting off.

Yeah, with my star tech USB hub I still get the crackling noise in my audio. But I alleviate the issue a bit by just using Bluetooth headsets. No need to restart the PC on my end as well. Just trying not to put load on the Network or CPU usage to prevent it from happening.

What does ethernet cable and WIFI connection has to do with anything, ive been on WIFI for the past hours and my problems has not occured yet. The whole thing is so weird.

Yeah, its super weird. I thought the wifi/ethernet thing had to be a coincidence because it makes no sense, but apparently its not.