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ROG Strix G16 Keyboard and USB issues

Level 8

Im dealing with some confusing issues on a new laptop. I have an issue where the laptop keyboard and any connected USB devices randomly stop functioning. A restart fixes the problem, but only temporarily. I have sent it in for RMA twice now, but the team has not been able to locate the issue either time. Does anyone here have any idea what could be causing it?

More info: Ive tried a factory reset after softer fixes like updating every driver I could think of. The RMA technicians also tried replacing the motherboard. Connected to the laptop I have a keyboard, mouse and USB headset. These dont cause issues on any other computers, so I dont think they could be causing the issue. I havent noticed the issue happening when nothing is connected, though. I have also noticed that there is an unusual amount of audio crackling/stuttering before the issue happens. Finally, Ive noticed that the issue seems to occur when Im playing some kind of media on the laptop (videos, games, etc.)

I can provide any other information that would be useful. If anyone has any thoughts or advice, please share. Should I request that Asus replace the entire laptop? This is an out of the box issue.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @EthanEsh ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

Could you please provide your product serial number and repair number via private message so that we can further investigate your case? Thank you.

I will, thank you!

Level 9

I've had this happen with my Asus Scar 16 (2023) laptop and had a huge issue with the crackling audio. I RMA'd it four times until I got a replacement Asus Scar 18 (2024), which I paid the difference for. The issue is much less apparent but still happens in the new laptop, which leads me to believe it must be some sort of driver or software configuration issue, particularly one that might be related to the power plan configurations that accompany the armory crate power modes. One important thing is: does the camera flicker or glitch while the crackling happens? Open your camera application and check because it's a side effect that happens with the crackling sound. Lastly, for me, it occurs mostly when there's some sort of load on the CPU or network usage of the device. Does the same happen for you?

I sent this reply to a previous thread with a similar issue. Please tell me if you have the camera flickering as well. I already went through the RMA process of replacing the motherboard and other parts as well until I got a full replacement and the issue as you can see still happens sadly.

I am still not sure at all what the root cause of the issue is. I have some theories but gave up on finding a solution until Asus patches it as it most likely might be as I said a software configuration problem.

That's very interesting, I'm glad its not just me. I hadn't really thought about it, but it does seem to happen more when there is a high network or CPU load. I will check on the camera and get back to you when I can, I'm very busy this week unfortunately. Out of curiosity, what (if any) USB devices do you have connected? Mine only seems to happen when I have all my devices connected (Rayzor keyboard, Hyperx usb headphones, Logitech mouse) as well as an ethernet cord. I thought it could be a power issue, but using a powered USB hub doesnt help.

I have a Logitech wireless mouse, and sometimes I use a wired Razer lancehead. A wireless steel series Arctis 7 Pro headset. An ethernetcord. I use HDMI to connect a second monitor, a third connected using a USB hub, and finally a wired Elgato Wave 1 mic. I've tried removing all of those and connecting wirelessly, but the issue persists. I am getting a Startech self-powered USB hub to try it out, but I think it won't solve the issue. I will relay my findings when I get it.

Interesting. I just had some time to test the camera. I dont see the flickering like you do, but when the issue occurs and keyboard and USB stops working, the camera freezes entirely.

Hmm strange. Maybe its only a side effect that happens on Scar models not sure. However I suspect it all is under the same umbrella of problems which relate to the audio problems as well.

One important detail is that my older 2023 model the keyboard used to freeze as well it only gets fixed when I restart the laptop. And any usb devices disconnect randomly. I don't have this issue happening for my newer model.