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ROG Strix G16 (G614JI) Random Freeze

Level 8

My  ROG G16 (Nvidia 4070, i7-13650HX) would randomly freeze (win11), no errors in event viewer. System will go completely dead and only hard power reset works. Also 10-15 secs after this crash happens, the battery indicator will start flashing orange even though it is fully charged.

Doing this few times a day, sometimes during gameplay, sometimes during simple browsing or video watching.

Fully updated all drivers and latest BIOS (317 I believe).  Already disabled G-sync and switched the system to always work with the discreet GPU to avoid switching between the integrated and discreet but that's not helping much.

Need help with this issue. Already waited once for a motherboard change at the local repair shop to no avail. Laptop is still doing those complete freezes.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @gargamelbg ,


Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you



Customer Service Agent

Hi @gargamelbg ,

Thank you for your feedback. 
I'd like to confirm with you, will the freezing issue still occur under the conditions of P Core 4 / E-Core 0? Additionally, could you please confirm how often the freezing occurs when set to P-Core 6 / E-Core 8? 
Could you enable the log recording feature in Armory Crate separately for P-Core 6 / E-Core 8 and P Core 4 / E-Core 0 configurations (please assist in synchronizing to pinpoint the times of freezing)? This will help us further analyze and address the issue you're experiencing. 

We appreciate your cooperation.

Yes the issue still occurs with P-Core 4 / E-Core 0 but only a couple of times in the last 48 hours. With P-core 6 / E-core 8 it was occuring noticably more often, several times per day.

I will do the recording from Armory Crate and HWinfo and provide the details.