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Rog Strix G16 display question

Level 7

Why does Asus claim on the Rog Strix G16 2023 non HDR Nebula display, 8 bits, that it has a 100% P3 color gamut and that it is pantone validated? A 8 Bit display won't be able to produce the 100% of the P3 gamut. Do they all scam us? Pantone, Asus etc



Level 12

I'm a photographer by profession, so for me color is an element of utmost importance, but for me the marketing games of laptop sellers are quite funny at best.

If you want to edit images in aRGB space, you need to get an EIZO or NEC monitor.

I just hate this kind of marketing. That's all and i get pissed off. If you buy a gaming laptop for 1700 dollars ore whatever currency and they claim you get a great screen with 100% P3 color gamut and it's been validated, you can actually expect this. 

You pay for it and you might need it as a creative professional who wants to do some work on the go, where you can't just plug in an external monitor. 

Yes, but OLED displays will work better than IPS for laptops for viewing and ad hoc image editing.

OLED have lots of issues like burning, also it flickers a lot. There is a reason why Apple doesn't want OLED screen on their devises. It would cost them millions in warranty cases 

Laptops are one big compromise.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @swissgamer1988 ,

Thank you for choosing ASUS products. I would like to explain that 100% DCI-P3 color gamut refers to the range of colors that the screen can display. In other words, it represents the breadth and diversity of colors that your screen can present. On the other hand, 8-bit color depth refers to the differences between each color during the color transition process. There are relevant verification and testing data for both 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and Pantone certification. Could you please provide more information about any issues you are encountering during use so that we can further investigate?