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ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition G513 Random Shutting down

Level 7

I've had this laptop for some time. I've been using it for school but its a gaming laptop so I said why not, specially since I spent so much money on it. Like many other people who have bought this laptop, I'm experiencing the same issues they are with Random Shutdowns or "Powering off" in the middle of gaming sessions. Before any of those problems even happened The laptop suffered a complete shutdown that killed it, which prompted me to send it to Asus repair. Upon getting my laptop back I didn't game on it since i needed it for school; however, as soon as I gamed on it the random power downs kept happening. I'm extremely disappointed at the quality of the product and the quality of the customer service. I spent over an hour with the "tech technician" for them to tell me at the end that "I needed to send it to repairs, and that their would be a fee since it wasn't under warranty" It was all just "thank you for your patience" or "I'm researching" but with no workable solutions. It is crazy that I still haven't gotten a solution to this problem like many other people who have purchased this laptop. This is probably the last Asus purchase I will be making for the foreseeable future.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Jaironimous ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 
Based on your description, it's concerning that your G513 is still encountering the same issue after repair. Products shouldn't immediately experience the same problem after an RMA. Could you please private message me your product serial number and repair number for further investigation? Thank you.

Level 7

i have the same laptop, I bought it on sale at staple's and for some odd reason i did not buy any warranty with it (i guess i had too much faith in the integrity of the company to make a working product) i only wanted a gaming laptop and had researched several type's of brand's and possible laptop's i could have gone for. when i saw this laptop on sale i thought i had hit the lottery! once I gwas home and downloaded some game's I thought all of my day's of ps4 were behind me. after the first bsod my heart stopped and I blamed the game's. after that i did every diagnosis i could, ive learned so much about hardware and software just to try to understand what's wrong with this laptop and nothing has come up. its been a year now and this laptop has consistently crashed at least 3 times a day. I do not want to buy and asus product's ever again. it's starting to ruin gaming for me. i cant play any online game's that penalize me for disconnecting.