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ROG Strix 18 - advice on cleaning the fans

Level 9

Hi! I have a G834JY-N6005W and every two-three months I need to clean the fans. I usually use a needle and gently remove the excess dust. Process is slow and requires a lot of concentration. The plastic covers don't help, it's difficult to work in between them... Is there any better way? Can I unscrew the white/grayish panel? Won't that void the warranty?

Is there by any chance any video/photos how to properly clean ROG 18 and what tools can/should be used? If there isn't - maybe it would be a good idea to make one? 🙂

Any advice will be appreciated!


Level 12

Usually, the fans are cleaned with compressed air.

Level 12

There is plenty of you tube videos on clean laptop fans, I can't say that I have ever heard of  doing it the way you were.

Yeah, I know its something else, but its very effective. Nevertheless, can I unscrew the cover panels? Seems that two panels that cover the fans are held by a single screw, so it should be easy. Won't that void the warranty? (Can't see any stickers on top of screws or something like that)

Customer Service Agent


If you are facing dust accumulation issues, we recommend seeking assistance from our maintenance center for cleaning. If you prefer to clean it yourself, we suggest using commercially available compressed air cans. Maintain a certain distance from the vent while using the compressed air, and do not invert the can during usage. Please refrain from using high-pressure air flow devices, such as air compressors, for cleaning, as there have been instances of excessive air pressure causing damage to fan blades.
Additionally, avoid disassembling components for cleaning on your own to prevent accidental damage that may affect your warranty rights. The information provided above is for your reference.

Note: When cleaning on your own, be sure to power off the computer and disconnect the power cord.