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ROG scar 17 laptop is crashing and restarting

Level 8

My gaming laptop scar 17 with  ryzen 7945HX, RTX 4080, 32 RAM randomly restarting when surfing web or gaming. Sometimes it restarts after 10 min or 2-3 hours. CPU temps reaching 93 Celsius, GPU about 74C. I’ve contacted Asus certified service center in my city, they replaced thermal paste and Liquid Metal in cooling system. They said that temps are dropped to 10-15 degrees. But the problem persists. I’ve contacted another authorized service center, they said that the motherboard needs to be replaced, but when they can get a spare motherboard they don’t know.  So my laptop is still in that service center from 16-th of October, and due to the rules I can’t have my laptop back and wait till the motherboard arrives. If I’m taking it back then I’m refusing from repair. I’m in Kazakhstan, Astana city. I’ve tried to contact Asus Central Asia and that brought me here. I’ve emailed Asus support but didn’t get feedback.
so, can I have my laptop replaced for the same model? Or could you please help with speeding up the supply of a spare motherboards 
It’s just difficult for me to wait, and not be able to use it 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @KossanovA ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please share your product serial number, repair number, and relevant information about the sender through private message for further verification? Thank you.

Hello. Are there any news regarding my problem?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @KossanovA ,

We apologize for the delay due to the time difference. 

After confirming with our local service team, your laptop is expected to be repaired by next week. The local repair team will contact you directly to provide further details. Rest assured that I will continue to monitor the progress of your case. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello. It’s been over 36 days since I gave my laptop to service center. 2 weeks since your last message , but I still can’t have my laptop back. 
Well you may laugh, but the guy from service center quit his job or was fired. That guy said that he replaced the motherboard but didn’t had the time to run the diagnostic. Management of the service center saying that they are trying to find the solution, but they need time to find another guy who can make the job done 🤦🏻‍♂️
honestly I’m very disappointed, angry, frustrated and depressed 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @KossanovA ,

I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. 

We have been in constant communication with the local service team to follow up on your case. We hope to complete the testing and repairs as quickly as possible. 

Level 7

I'm having the same issues with my Scar 17 7945HX3D...  I have had it just over a week and it has hard crashed 4 times.  MyASUS troubleshooter of course says there are no issues.  I had three crashes before I updated all drivers, and the day after all drivers up to date, it crashed again this morning.  

Customer Service Agent

Hi @freegb1 ,

I would like to confirm with you whether the issue of crashes and restarts occurs with specific software or during standby. 

Have you updated your BIOS to the latest version 327? Additionally, have you tested with the Asus-verified AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.14038.5001 and NVIDIA Graphic Driver Version V31.0.15.3197? If you have already used the Asus-verified drivers and the issue persists, we recommend resetting your laptop system to clarify whether the anomaly is caused by software. Thank you.

Yes I have updated the drivers, with V31.0.14038 and respectively, and I finally broke down and reset the laptop to factory settings and the problem persisted again.  The game I am playing when this happens the most is World of Warcraft: Dragonflight on ultra settings, but it also happened when I was just watching Youtube.  I only have 8 more days to figure out if I want to just return this, as I work in Taiwan and would have difficulty sending this in for tech support if this is indeed a hardware issue.

Well I noticed that I’m not the only one having this issues with laptop. So motherboard on my laptop was replaced, but problem with random restarts and crashes still remains. And Asus service again advised me to hand the laptop back to service center. I’m not sure that guys at SC will fix it, they just running the Asus tests on linux and win11, I doubt that they will run my games to “recreate” the problem. Laptop restarts not only while under workloads, but also when I watch the video. So if they won’t be able to fix it I’m considering to return the laptop to the seller and ask for refund. After that I will never buy Asus again