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ROG S15 Repair experience

Level 7

So I have a ROG Zephyrus S15 2020 model.

Recently the CPU fan stopped spinning so I sent it to an Asus service centre and man it was terrible.

First they said I needed 2 fans but didn't give me a price. Then, after the fans arrived, they finally gave me a price and I gave them the laptop to simply replace the fan. The next day, I get a call saying that I will need to change the motherboard because its most likely going to have issues when replacing the fan, they also said that the trackpad is broken (It's not, the thing has driver issues all the time. It's a software issue) and they said the laptop is too hot (DURRRRRRR its fan is broken you genius...)

A simple fan replacement resulted in me getting a $400 quote.... This is a scam and stupid.. how can you not replace a fan in a laptop without breaking the whole machine... I've had nothing but issues with this laptop since I got it (The 4th time it has needed to be repaired). I think I might change to Lenovo after my terrible time with this laptop..


Customer Service Agent

Hi @CazyWazy ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 

Could you please provide your product serial number and RMA number through private message so that we can assist you with further investigation? Thank you.