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ROG laptop acting strange and overheating

Level 7

Hi, i have an ROG laptop model G551JM-DS71, and it throttles. I have tried everything, modifying fan curves, applying PTM 7950, settings fan speed to 100, undervolting, and setting maximum processor usage to 90%. However, it throttles. And whats REALLY weird is the fact that there is a new issue every day. When i first applied PTM 7950 after it was throttling because of pumped-out MX-4, it throttled at 83 celsius on the CPU. Then, it stopped throttling altogether with a max temp of 91. But after a few days, the GPU started to throttle at 80 or 79, cant remember. A day later, the CPU throttled again at 83 again. Its SO annoying. I think my laptop might be cursed; thats why i got it so cheap. I will appreciate any help anyone can give me, because the people on Reddit were completely useless.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @gentrythekillr ,


I'm sorry to hear about the performance issues with your G551JM. Given that this model has been out for a while, hardware-related issues can occasionally occur due to prolonged usage. I'd like to confirm with you where these throttles issues are happening and what software you are using when they occur. If it's happening during gaming, you can use monitoring software to track the CPU and GPU temperatures while gaming, which can help pinpoint when throttles occurs.

Additionally, even though you've replaced the thermal paste yourself, it's worth revisiting this process to ensure that the thermal paste is applied correctly and that there is good contact between the CPU/GPU and the heatsink to avoid temperature issues.

Since we cannot physically assess your hardware configuration through forum communication, we still recommend reaching out to a local authorized service center for further hardware diagnostics to confirm the actual situation. The information provided above is for your reference.

Throttling occurs when the laptop hits 83-84 degrees celsius. Then i notice that the cpu clock speed starts to slowly drop, enough to the point to where the GPU utilizations starts to go down due to bottleneck. I'm using MSI afterburner's in-game overlay with RTSS.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @gentrythekillr ,


Considering that this model has been on the market for some time, it's not uncommon for hardware-related issues to occasionally arise due to prolonged usage. As we are unable to perform physical hardware diagnostics on your configuration through the forum, we still recommend reaching out to your local authorized service center for further hardware diagnosis to ascertain the actual situation. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.