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ROG - How do I stop Function + Right Arrow key from changing keyboard lighting?

Level 7

What app or setting has the Function + Right Arrow keys change the keyboard lighting? I want to stop it. I never want this to change but I often accidentally hit the FN key instead of the CTRL key.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @kalmdown ,


I'm sorry that the Fn key cannot be turned off.

May I ask in what situation do you usually accidentally press this combination key?



All of the time when I am typing. To move a word in editors you use CTRL+Right Arrow. I constantly hit Fn accidentally instead. 

I don't want to turn off the Fn key. I want to disconnect the ability to change keyboard lighting via the Fn key, and I can't tell where to find that.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kalmdown ,

After confirmation, we are unable to cancel this combination function key as it is the default setting.
Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.