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ROG Gaming Center for GL503VD doesn't work right

Level 7

Hi, having an issue with my #ROG GL503VD after changing the primary SSD for the new one. After installing Windows & all the drivers from scratch, I have tried to install ROG Gaming Center but it doesn't seem to work right. The special button for the program, after pressing, does nothing. The Gaming Center itself somehow works, but it only shows my HDD/SSD capacity and RAM data. The rest is not showing nor working (like the Profiles feature, Standart/Extreme tweaks, it can't even read which GPU do I have, my attempts to log in are ending up with just blank white screen instead on login/password stuff

So, my question is: is there any correct, per se, way to install this program? Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance! 




Level 7

Just found out... After installing ROG Gaming Center over clean Windows, it doesn't work correctly until you've installed ATK drivers from the official Asus support website: GL503VD - Support ( Just download & install the latest ATKPackage, restart it and everything will work just fine (except for logging in, I guess it's really just discontinued)