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Rog Flow Z13 Keyboard Issue: My experience with fixing the problem.

Level 7

I have encountered the widespread issue of the keyboard on the Z13 not working. I knew about the issue and was not stressed as I thought it would be covered by the device warranty. However, I was not prepared with the unjust and completely unfair treatment I encountered by the ASUS support team. When the issue happened, I had around 2 weeks left in my warranty and I applied for a ticket about the technical issue as well as a replacement keyboard. However, after numerous emails from their support team to ask for details (and because all their emails take a couple of days to answer) my warranty had ended even before they tried to order a free replacement. They just told me it was my problem and that I had to pay for a replacement even though I had first notified them about the issue while I was still in my warranty period. I tried calling ASUS but they too gave the same pathetic excuse. Now I get that it takes time to respond and get everything sorted, but to take a solid 2 weeks to get anything done and then having me to pay for a repair even though I still had warranty when I raised the issue is just outrageous. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @TomIOI ,

I'm sorry to hear about your service experience. 

Could you please provide your product serial number and location via private message so that I can further understand your case? Thank you.