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ROG flow Z13 2022 keyboard cover stop working.

Level 7

Got a ROG flow Z13 2022 keyboard cover and it is no longer working after only 2 years of proper use, anyone else got this problem? how do i fix this? seems it can only still work in a flat on the desk, it cant be raised anymore which will cause loss of connection.

did a search online and this seems to happen to vast amount of owners, does ASUS have any solution for us? since the keyboard cant even be bought separately.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @jameszhengyi ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 7

Same issue for very light use & under a year old. Bought Gz301ze-lc218w for Starfield pre release Sept 5 & 7 months later only clocked 10hrs gaming (using xbox controller). Don't forget to update the community on resolution to issue. 

Level 7

I am having the same issue. I have the detachable keyboard case, and when the keyboard is docked it doesn't work, when it isn't completely docked just attached to the device it works. It's very inconvenient. T

I've had to RMA mine as still within 12m warrenty period, also did buy extended warrenty last year. Unfortunately Asus wants the whole device back not just keyboard, thought was going to Asus but there using which when looking on trustpilot is concerning when as a third party company have different interests to Asus (to maximise profits). As a precaution I've hi def video & pictures of whole device & screw head etc & video of device working & then packing in foam board into air pillow & waterproof bag as main unit & keyboard has no cosmetic or 'customer induced' damage. Still waiting to find out what issue is as one email received said part in stock & being fitted & later emailed to say don't have any stock available. Until I receive device back I'll see what's what. Asus has been great so far, this other company if all goes well I will leave a good review. You can buy the keyboard if out of warrenty or if don't want to risk sending main unit back when you know that's perfectly OK. Search ebay for ASUS ROG FLOW Z13 KEYBOARD 0KNR1-4612UK00 (2022).

That's what I was afraid of.....Having to send in the entire unit. It's most unfortunate since I have had it for such a short time.  My only real option is to buy another keyboard case and a lot of them are used. 

Initiating the RMA process info from Asus is 'Our service centre', when 'we' receive the unit back, believing the unit would go to Asus. When I found out it was a third party company with a lot of negativity (also when looking as Asus on Trustpilot a lot of bad feedback about Asus RMA) i was highly concerned but as within 12month warranty & also extended warranty purchased I took about 6GB of photo's & video & started reading up on warranty fraud & UK law about goods must last a reasonable amount of time regardless of manufactures warranty. 

RMA completed 1st June with new keyboard (don’t know how long this one will last), main unit has no cosmetic damage & screwheads untouched. Returned in a cardboard box not a security tote but was inside of air pillow packaging. If keyboard fails again I will probably purchase another keyboard from a company (not an individual) as separate purchase will be covered by UK law if fails within a reasonable amount of time & will not require laptop to be sent off. I did use two separate software for doing system backup/image & one of them failed when recovering all data. Although I had no issues with RMA I do not want to risk sending main unit back again.

Level 7

same with my asus rog flow z13

Level 1

I got the same issue my whole keyboard doesn't work even when flat to the surface and even when in typing mode.

What to do now please tell me anyone 


If within manufacturers warrenty or if purchased an extended warrenty use the MyAsus app, Customer Support, Contact Asus. If out of warrenty & you purchased the machine new check local laws of how long goods should last for (reasonable amount out time). In UK Sales Of Goods Act, written in law gives you right for repair or refunds upto six years. Most manufactures & shops may want to argue this so provide proof of communication & go to bank for a charge back if Asus refuses. If bought second hand from shop, you'll probably only have 12-24 months guarantee, if from individual then probably none. Keyboard or main unit failing outside of official guarantee is still (at least in UK) protected by law. With the amount of people on here & TrustPilot or YouTube you can prove it's a common well known fault.