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Rog 513qy Advantage story

Level 7

So laptop served occasionally throughout 2022 and month and half of 2023 with total on-time of would be a hundred of hours. One day - when out of warranty unfortunately - just blinked power led upon startup and died. I opened it to maybe at least give it a first ever and post mortal thermal paste change. After lifting the cooling unit cleaning off liquid metal, applying new paste and assembly, I noticed cooler ,by pressing it towards CPU GPU has and probably had limited no contact with these components. Which might have caused failure.

Unit out of warranty still sent to repair center and after week here is quote - 1450£ for new motherboard + 45£ handling fee even if I do not agree to repair. After that my attempt to get to know of what exactly happend to motherboard - received same email stating of how much it will cost to repair and what my choices are.

I'll attach screenshots if there is any interest but at this point I just can't be bothered. I still use some of Asus equipment but will never go Asus route again as from now on you are only a synonymous of poor quality, lack of customer support except of straightforward cold service experience which is against your Rog name - community? Maybe but you are to take their money and laugh at them! 

I do equally own all of your products when I do not own them and that without loosing any cent - to summarise - I acknowledge your existence and that is all you're recieving from me! 

Up your asses Asus!








Customer Service Agent

Hi @Foocho ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 
Would you be able to provide me with your product serial number and RMA number via private message so I can further investigate your case? Thank you.