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RMA response claiming CID for small missing piece of plastic in a non vital portion of the laptop...

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This is my attempt at heading off a possibly warranty voiding attempt to decline my RMA due to a small section of broken plastic on my 9 month old gaming laptop.

I attempted to take my Best Buy exclusive ASUS Zephyrus G14 GA401QM to Geek Squad to have it repaired or replaced due to a clear failure of a component or sensor on the board.

After having it 9 months the laptop suddenly no longer played games at anything above 30 FPS (these were games know to be had previously ran at well 90-100+).

I tried EVERYTHING to fix it from what I can do, reinstalled drivers, OS, updates, bios update, etc. finally took it to Best Buy after finding out ASUS will not let up go through normal means to request assistance for issues.

They took it and had it in their repair facilities hands twice each time stating it was a software issue and that (according to their testing) the unit was performing normally and as expected.

Both times it was shipped back I tested it myself and each time had the exact same problem.

I got fed up and found a way to speak to someone at ASUS and tell them my issue, and they suggested I have the laptop sent to ASUS for RMA/repair under warranty.

I agreed and was provided shipping instructions as well as a label, I ship the machine and it arrived at the Newark CA CHEM USA RMA facility it apparently sat it their to do pile for around a week before the finally got to it.

I was greeted by a lovely email from ASUS today saying that because of this broken plastic suddenly it has to have been my fault the machine has the issue and now I am being told I will have to pay $103 to fix it, how does replacing plastic on the bottom of the laptop fix a performance issue?

The machine was sent in for performance, heat, and GPU issues, unless I am crazy or stupid how does that plastic have anything to do with my issue, why am I being asked to pay money for something I didn't send it in for or care about?

Is ASUS really going to try to cop out on repairing a defective product for a unrelated issue?

I am hoping this will be seen by someone from ASUS so we can handle this civilly and correctly.

FYI, I have spoken to someone at ASUS US customer service phone number and explained the situation to them, they said they would escalate the issue and communicate it them they need to move past the replacement of the bottom cover and address the issue it was sent in for.

But I am not confident this will be enough, please let me know who I need to talk to have this looked into ASAP and get the issue resolved so I can get my $1300 laptop back in working order, I have now been without the machine for over a month.

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @brentk0821 ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @brentk0821 ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

I got a prompt reply from ASUS, and according to them the motherboard was replaced and the original issue was already resolved.

The issue regarding the bottom plastic panel was purely optional and did not impact the original issue, the warranty is intact, and my laptop is being shipped back to me.


Fingers crossed that I will get it back and get to playing again!